Payday Loan Collector- Haven't even heard of them but they have all my info!

Use the FREE program to help you get Your age must be less than Posted February 13, When I landed on the radar of these scam artists I too panicked at first but then once I found it is a scam I wised up. Make sure they make the Ripoff Report! By using our site you understand and agree to these terms. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience.

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 · PAYDAY LOANS in Pittsburgh, PA. See business rating, customer reviews, contact information and more. Home > Business Directory > Payday Loans > DJR GROUP, › Home › Business Directory › Payday Loans. DJR Group LLC Complaint Review: DJR Group LLC River Elk PayDay Loan Scam  · DJR Group LLC Complaint Review: DJR Group LLC OSL Marketing This company is a Loan Sharking sucking Payday advance

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Debt Management Deal with Your Debt. Reputable Debt Consolidation Companies. Free Debt Relief Programs. Not in the least. Consult with a lawyer who has experience in consumer law. You may have a cause of action against the payday lender for violating New York's state usury law. If you cannot afford a lawyer, call your county bar association and ask for the names of the local organizations that provide no-cost legal services to people with no or low income.

Make an appointment with that organization, and bring all of your documents relating to the loan, including your bank statements, to your meeting. The lawyer you meet will advise you accordingly. Delinquent debt is a civil matter, and not criminal.

I doubt a Texas district attorney would give the time of day to a New York collection agent. The collection agent may not call you at work. In no state can a payday lender "press criminal charges" against a delinquent borrower. A district attorney is the only one who can decide whether to file criminal charges against a person. As for an affidavit and you requiring to possess ID to sign the document, that is simply nonsense and a mashup of legal phrases meant to intimidate you.

Payday collectors are, as a group, aggressive in their collection practices and will seemingly say anything to brow-beat a debtor into paying the entire balance they think is due.

Thank you for your help. It has been really annoying getting these people to leave me alone. The worst part is that you are in debt and they know it. Why can't people just work with you?

No cause of action at all, if my interpretation of New York law is correct. However, I hasten to add that I am not licensed to practice law in New York, and therefore am incompetent to offer advice regarding matters of New York law. I urge New Yorkers who have payday loans to consult with a New York attorney or the New York Legal Aid Society for a precise legal opinion that will be based on each consumer's circumstances. I have a payday loan that is in Kansas.

I have been getting calls from an agency in New York that is telling me that they are going to press criminal charges on me for not repaying a loan. I have looked up the laws in Kansas and it states that they can only sue you for a judgment on the amount that is due. I have been called by a guy named Mark and he is telling me I have to have my id card and he has to have my signature for an affidavit that is being sent to me.

I have never been called from anyone before stating this. I tried to make a payment and when the lady told me that there was no way I could pay the amount I was trying to give her and I would have to fight this in court.

Isn't there a law that states they can't deny payment, since this is the real reason they are calling me anyway? Don't worry, we'll never post without your permission OR.

Log in using your email address:. Keep me signed in. Don't have an account yet? DFS suspects that these firms are placing consumers at risk of abuse by collecting and selling their personal information to illegal online payday lenders and other companies, including scam artists, in violation of New York State law. New Yorkers can get sucked into a seemingly endless black hole of consumer abuse if they provide their sensitive personal information to these types of websites.

Lead generation firms do not typically make payday loans directly, but instead set up websites marketing those illegal loans. Through promises of access to quick cash, the lead generation companies entice consumers to provide them with sensitive personal information — such as social security and bank account numbers — and then may sell that information to payday lenders operating unlawfully in New York and other companies. As part of its investigation, DFS has heard complaints from New York consumers against a number of these lead generation firms about false and misleading advertising including celebrity endorsements , harassing phone calls, suspicious solicitations, privacy breaches, and other issues.

Some consumers have also complained to DFS about receiving calls from suspected scammers after providing their personal information to the lead generation companies. These scams include enticing the consumers to load money on a pre-paid debit card and use it to pay substantial upfront fees in order to receive an online payday loan.

After paying these substantial upfront fees, the consumers reported not receiving the promised loan.