Ladbrokes under investigation over gambler's payday loans claim

Jane Clack August 25, at 8: How to rebuild your credit rating 9. Any advice given should always be checked. I know where I am. The only parties that can email you are legal and CLF approved lenders. Hope it works out as gambling is very destructive.

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 · Ladbrokes is being investigated by the Gambling Commission over an allegation that staff watched a gambling addict take out payday loans to fund drew fire from Labour and problem gambling  · Payday loans add fuel to the fire of a gambling problem, but there is help available. Gambling and Payday Loans Toll Free  · Professional footballers are taking out payday loans to fund gambling addictions, says the Sporting Chance clinic. The gambling problem in this country is bigger than we

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I am pleased to hear that you are now going for help with the gambling as without this help you would never be able to get out of debt. I am glad you have been upfront with your DMP provider — I do hope it is one that does not charge you for doing this — and it would be sensible now to let them know that you have an addiction that you are now working on.

That in itself is a great step forward. It may be time to think of other options unless you are in a position to clear this debt in a reasonable period of time — we do not know whether your creditors have frozen interest and charges and how long you have been in a plan or how much you have paid off. Be honest with yourself and the DM company and if you wish to see if there are other options, ask them.

You could also give Payplan a ring on where a trained adviser can give you free, no obligation and confidential advice or email me more details at jane. He needs help directing me to an institution that will help me with my debt. I want to repay everything, there is a lot, because of gambling most institutions are withdrawn. Is it possible to talk to someone in Polish? Please help thanks for the time and information Regards Justyna Wasielewska.

I have replied to your previous post. We do not have a dedicated Polish speaker but if you get in touch we can perhaps direct you to a local organisation such as a Citizens Advice Bureau in your area who may be able to help. You need to talk to someone re the gambling as that is the first problem to get help with and then contact a free organisation such as Payplan to discuss the debt issue so you can see the best solutions moving forwards.

Contact Payplan on which is free even from mobiles or you can email us if you wish or contact me directly on jane. They can issue defaults etc and your husband will find out as it will be his credit rating that is affected as the card is in his name.

To put it bluntly you have committed fraud. You do need to explain the situation to him — and explain you are doing the best you can to repay things. Addiction is an illness — are you seeking help for this with a group such as gamblers anonymous — as this will be of help when it is explained? He may be able to help you get the payments up to date and make them in future — and get rid of the card. His credit rating may already have been affected due to the missed payments. I am so sorry you are in this position but stopping the gambling — which you have done — is the first and the biggest step.

The next is sharing it so your husband is affected as little as possible. I shall also respond to the email you sent me. Helio,I have been addicted to poker for the last 10,years,I got into debt once but managed to clear it when I received a small inheritance. My wife and family helped me through this period.

I am to ashamed to tell my wfe and family, should I just plod on as I am,any advice would be great,to an idiot like me Thank you. The first thing you should do is actually seek help for the addiction — easier said than done but it is easy to get trapped into a vicious cycle and you have taken the first step by actually telling us.

Can you cover the minimum payments as if not then you should seek further advice on these — you can call us on the number on here and get free and impartial advice.

I am now 24 and have 13 creditors with a debt of abput 17k.. It is not true that you cannot do an IVA if gambling is on your bank statement but it is if it is still on current bank statements if you are still gambling. Creditors are not going to agree to write off debt if it looks as if the underlying problem is still going on. I am hoping you are seeking advice and help with the addiction as that is the first step.

The creditors are not going to go away so you can start by letting them know you are trying to resolve the issue. If you give Payplan a ring, a trained adviser will be able to talk you through things and give you options. They are non judgmental — as you are not alone — and the service is free and confidential but you do need to work on the underlying reasons. Hi im an addicted gambler im currently in k of debt and dont know what to do i owe tax vat and wages and cant even pay for my home my ex wife is demanding child maintenance which im now behind with every day the phone rings its my ex wife familt members and friends who i owe money to.

I cant go to ga meeting as i live in a small town and it doesnt have them as ironically its still not recognised as an addiction. I really am in a spot here and feel that their is only one way out i cant sleep or eat because of the guilt and shame i feel. Its hard to believe that two years ago i had a happy marriage succesful business good friends and a loving family and ive lost it all even my dad wont speak to me please let this be a warning to other folk stop if uts not to late.

I am sorry to hear about this — contact Gamblers Anonymous via email to find out where there the nearest centre is or speak to your GP. I would strongly advise the latter anyway. The Samaritans are also a non judgmental ear. You are not alone, James. It is an addiction like others. You can get rid of the debt by going bankrupt — if you cannot pay for your home and it is mortgaged then this is not going to make too much difference.

If you have lots of equity — then you should consider selling. If you do not have enough to pay off all your debts you could perhaps offer a full and final lump sum in settlement. If you do go bankrupt then you are likely to get a bankruptcy restrictions undertaking which will preclude you from getting further credit for extra time without telling the lender but you will have got rid of most of the debt except CSA maintenance.

It may be a draconian step but it will allow you the fresh start you deserve and you can start again without an unsustainable burden of debt. You can turn your life around and many people have done so, so take heart. I think I have been in denial as have never asked for help but instead asked to borrow money to try and get out of debt but instead got further into debt. I cannot go to family or friends as neither can help, so very stuck and extremely stressed.

Hello Sarah Thank you for your post. You have made the first step by actually admitting there is a problem. You do need now to seek help for the addiction — contact Gamcare — they are open 7 days a week from 8am to midnight — http: They can provide you with the support you need.

With the debt issues you need to look at how to reduce the debt at a rate you can afford whilst leaving yourself enough to live on. You could give us a ring on the number on the Payplan page as this is free even from mobiles.

I have also sent a copy of our repayment arrangement guide to the address you have provided. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. What can it affect? What do I do if I fall into arrears with my rent?

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Are you spending more than you want to on gambling? A financial crisis is often the spur for someone to address a problem with gambling. You may find that you are struggling to cover bills or other vital expenses, taking out loans to cover gambling debts, and hiding it all from those closest to you. It is not uncommon for family and friends of someone with a gambling problem to be completely unaware of gambling-related debt until a court summons arrives for non-payment, or in dire circumstances even repossession orders for the family home.

Financial problems can mount up very quickly. If you have credit cards, you might max them out to pay your bills, or worse, to keep gambling. At this point, payday loans may look like a solution — but their high interest rates and charges are likely to make the situation worse.

A common dilemma for someone with a gambling problem is how to get out of debt. For many, the chance to continue gambling in order to win it back and make everything alright again can feel overwhelmingly tempting. It might also feel as though there is no chance of repaying debts accrued through gambling unless you carry on gambling — you feel completely trapped.

Taking control of your debt problems and exploring your relationship with gambling can be very empowering. When you have a better understanding of why you find it difficult to control your gambling, you can begin to address other issues your gambling has created, and even move towards stopping gambling altogether.

Remember, be honest with yourself and share your problems with friends or family. Their support may help you to seek help for your gambling problem and advice about your debts. Get help The path to clearing your debts can take time and you may be faced with different pressures along the way.

There will be times when you may feel desperate to gamble. For expert information, advice and support about problem gambling, speak to specially trained Advisers on the National Gambling HelpLine on Freephone or via web chat at www. GamCare also offer free online or face-to-face counselling for anyone affected by problem gambling, and their online Forum and Chatrooms are available daily.

A confidential support group, such as Gamblers Anonymous, where people with gambling problems meet to support each other each week, may also be helpful. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google plus 0. On This Page Jump to: This article was checked and deemed to be correct as at the above publication date, but please be aware that some things may have changed between then and now. So please don't rely on any of this information as a statement of fact, especially if the article was published some time ago.

Nicky July 21, at 8: You can anonomously ask questions and people will be willing to offer their help. Whatever it takes to help you find a solution. Cheers Nicky Reply Report comment. Clive Sayers September 21, at Paul September 22, at 8: Clive July 30, at Gemma April 10, at Gemma October 4, at 9: Gemma Reply Report comment.

Lee November 27, at 4: Gemma November 28, at 9: I started going to the bookies during the day. There was a point where I was clearing 30 to 40 grand a month and within a week or two that was gone.

A number of players have found themselves in trouble with the authorities over the past year because of gambling. In an interview with The Sun, he said he began gambling out of boredom and that television adverts prompted him to place bets on matches he was watching.

There should be a look at: The Remote Gambling Association, which represents online gambling firms including Ladbrokes, William Hill and Bet, said that the industry was already well regulated.

It is absolutely the case that none of those levels of regulation would allow advertising that was irresponsible. When the gambler is losing, they can simply head next door to the payday lender, get some instant cash, and head back to the casino to win back their loan and the rest of the money lost, right? When they continue to lose, they find the next payday lender to keep the cash flowing. It becomes a vicious cycle, where the real winner is the casino and payday lender.

The same can happen online; there are many gambling websites these days, and as many online payday lenders to go with them. Without casinos and payday lenders there would be street betting and loan sharks; the gambling does not go away. Payday lenders are the modern day loan sharks to gamblers. Gambling is not illegal, and payday loans are not illegal, but for a gambling addict they are a dangerous combination. Gamblers become victims, not of crime, but of addiction and enablers.

And a victim deserves help from society.