Federal regulation of payday loans is actually a win for states’ rights

Other states followed, and Congress passed a federal statute banning the practice in Travis County Justice of the Peace Susan Steeg, who approved the charges against Jones, told HuffPost that due to the volume of bad check affidavits her court receives, her office has been instructed by the county attorney to file charges as affidavits are submitted. K, a Houston grandmother, took out a title loan when she had trouble making rent. However, the intent of the clarification to state law is that a bounced check written to a payday lender alone cannot justify criminal charges. The aim of the report is provide information to policymakers so that they can understand and address short-term lending needs fairly. Richardson took so much time caring for her mother, she lost her job.


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The short answer is, “No.” A few clients have told me that they’ve received phone calls from a collection agency, threatening jail time for not repaying payday loans. How I Saved My Skin with An Overnight Cash Loan. About a year ago I needed a cash loan, or so I thought. The rent for my apartment was about to be due and if I could not pay it that month, they were going to throw me out. Welcome to the office of Oakam — a payday loan company where all of these women are about to join the growing number being targeted to take out loans with eye-watering rates of interest, which.

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Lenders often operate across state lines, lending from states where payday loans are permitted to borrowers in states where such loans are illegal. Payday loans — short-term loans that grant borrowers access to a few hundred dollars in quick cash — are controversial products because of their high cost per dollar borrowed and potential to trap users in a cycle of debt.

In practice, many borrowers are unable to repay their initial loan in full within two weeks, and so they pay only the fees owed and roll over the balance into another payday loan, incurring another round of fees. Payday loans are primarily used by low-to-moderate-income earners with limited access to other sources of credit, often to pay basic living expenses or to cover an unexpected financial emergency.

As household financial fragility has spread, so too has consumer demand for payday loans and other forms of short-term, high-cost credit. In practice, the current system of state-level regulation imposes significant costs on states that seek to control payday lending to their residents. These restrictive states must expend resources to monitor attempts by out-of-state lenders, particularly the growing number of online lenders, to extend loans to their residents in violation of state law.

Online lenders have a long reach, straining the law enforcement resources of restrictive states. This problem is not new. Restrictive states have battled exploitative lending across state lines for over a century. Restrictive states, such as New York, responded with laws that raised new hurdles for lenders when they attempted to collect these debts. To reduce these legal conflicts between states and stanch the supply of unregulated high-rate loans, reformers tried to establish a common regulatory framework by drafting a uniform law to govern small loans.

The law never achieved universal acceptance but a growing list of states adopted it over the course of the s, with at least 25 states having a version of the law or a similar measure on their books by Without a federal rule, however, small-sum lenders have continued to find ways around state-level restrictions. In the early s, a version of the Portland device reappeared: Now, regulators are trying something new: While this move marks a new approach in the regulation of small-sum lending, such national floors are common in the governance of other activities that easily cross state borders.

The Clean Water Act, for example, set a nationwide floor for pollution standards, while allowing states to impose more stringent requirements on polluters by ratcheting up state standards above the federal floor. For payday loans, the CFPB rule will likewise set minimum standards for lenders, while allowing states to impose more stringent requirements.

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