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House in Alberton now available. Your credit rating will determine if there are any additional requirements. It is tough to save money, especially for an emergency which we do not even know will occur. Interest Rates Credit card interest rates are simply scary. Or when you used to receive bills in the post.

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South Africa's leading name in payday loans. Fast paperless cash loans From R Up To R3 Apply Online payday loans from R - R8, Instant approval & same day payouts, No upfront fees or hidden Are you looking for personal loans, payday loans & short term loans in South Africa? Visit at or email us at [email protected]://

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Simple, stress-free loans up to R Easy online application Approval in minutes Same-day cash 6 months fixed repayment term Apply now!

Thank you for the quick response and great service. I have found your service refreshing and quick. Mr Blanchard, Cape Town. Awesome service thanks, will most definitely recommend you. Thanks again for your amazing level of service! You guys are the Best. Ms September, Cape Town. Thank you Team Cobol for the help. Your staff are tops, professional and friendly! Thanks for replying so quickly, I must say, you guys really deliver what you promise.

We do this through cutting edge technology that allows you to apply for a loan without visiting our branch. Through our website you can apply for a loan using your mobile phone or personal computer. Play around with the sliders and move the first slider to your desired amount and select the salary date with the second slider.

Re-payment is calculated upfront and deducted on the date you selected via debit order, after which you'll be legible to apply again whenever you need quick cash. You need to be over 18 years of age and less than 65 years old, residing and employed in South Africa with an active RSA bank account, plus your own email address and cell phone.

Your credit rating will determine if there are any additional requirements. We do a quick assessment of your financial ability to repay a loan. So the results should give us an assurance of your ability to settle your debt when the time comes. You can request anything between R and R the first time you apply for cash. We treat every customer as unique based on their credit rating and affordability all this will determine the amount and term of your cash loan.

Our daily life depends on Money. We live in the world where Money is very important and without it life becomes difficult. Financial support is needed to lead a normal modern life, if not a Luxury life. This is where Loans come into the picture. Loans were created by Banks and Financial Institutes to lend Cash Loans for people who are in need of it. Sometimes, even for some basic needs, you may have to borrow money.

You may decide to move to the next step in you life, by buying a Car, or may be a good House, or start a new Business, or even to go for a world tour for your Wedding Anniversary. For these type of expenses, one cannot save money from his salary.