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I would assume as much. Young people learn to identify ads and their messages. They then told me that I should be getting served a summons and would need to fill out my court documents. I kept the guy on the phone I asked him for documents he stated that he could not release the contract it is evidence all he could send me is a email of the letter demanding payment. We are getting calls from with the name Jeff Corbin saying I need to call an number to set up payment arrangements or I will be served a summons to appear in court.

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Jan 14,  · I ran across this thread on a forum from early , it has some very good information about this payday loan scam. I would like to add in addition to this, they have now begun using people with american accents. Find many reliable lenders who can provide you instant payday loan online even without a credit check. Click here to get bad credit personal loans up to $ No Obligations or Fees & no faxing required - Apply Now! The short answer is, “No.” A few clients have told me that they’ve received phone calls from a collection agency, threatening jail time for not repaying payday loans.


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Are you facing financial trouble? Do you need money as soon as possible? Many people rush into payday loans online because they need cash in a hurry. Payday loans offer fast cash, but they also come with a price for the added convenience. You sometimes need instant cash to fix a crisis that you can pay back in full on your upcoming pay date. An instant cash loan can provide you some relief. Seeing what lenders see, fixing errors and knowing your latest scores, is your ticket to the best rates!

Learn how to repair your credit yourself at a fraction of the price! It could be because of too much credit card or unsecured debt. Reason to Choose Us We understand it can be really tough to face any unexpected financial emergency.

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Latest Articles Check out our blog. Housing counseling coupled with debt consolidation or even debt settlement can help people avoid foreclosure on their homes or people who want to take advantage of different government programs. Federal law stipulates anyone considering filing for bankruptcy must seek counseling before filing. They are also required to complete an education course before filing.

Sometimes, debt consolidation can help clients avoid bankruptcy. Student loans are difficult to repay. Some debt consolidation offer counseling services that help with student loan debt in particular. The counselor will help the student evaluate and understand her repayment and assistance options to decide which type of debt relief option is best. The first step to taking control of your finances and consolidating debt is to make a list of all your loan and credit card balances.

Write down your monthly payment amounts and interest rates so that you can focus on finding a debt consolidation loan with a lower interest rate than what you're paying today. Many debt consolidation companies specialize in credit card debt consolidation. If you have multiple credit card payments, calculate your average interest rate so you can measure that against a single, lower interest rate loan option. When seeking debt relief, consumers who opt to consolidate their debt still have a handful of options to choose from.

You can transfer all your debt to a single credit card, open a home equity loan or home equity line of credit also known as a HELOC , take out a personal loan or tap into their savings. Each option comes with its own advantages and setbacks. If you've weighed your debt relief options and you decide to take out a debt consolidation loan, you'll need to choose between a secured loan or an unsecured loan.

Most personal loans are unsecured loans—which means there are no assets at risk. While this sounds ideal for most consumers, not everyone will qualify for an unsecured personal loan. Larger personal loans will require better credit scores, and not every consumer will qualify for the debt consolidation loan amount he needs to consolidate all debt into one, fixed monthly payment.

Home equity loans are secured loans that often come with lower interest rates but longer repayment periods—which means you'll accrue more interest over the life of the loan. Getting a lower interest rate on a debt consolidation loan is possible if you have a good credit history. Getting a debt consolidation loan with bad credit certainly isn't unheard of—but higher interest rates could mean you aren't saving much money, which could defeat the purpose of consolidating your debt into one, easy payment.

When you're choosing a debt consolidation loan provider, consider the full amount of interest you'll pay over the life of the loan. Opting for a shorter term would increase your monthly payments but will also reduce the amount of interest and fees you'll pay over time. Cambridge Credit Counseling was established in and works to provide credit counseling, debt management programs and financial literacy education to clients across America.

It is a non-profit company and specializes in credit, housing, reverse mortgage and bankruptcy counseling and debt reduction services. Freedom Debt Relief has over highly-trained professionals at their company.

Consolidated Credit has been in business for over 20 years and has helped over 5 million people eliminate debt. The company offers a wide range of debt assistance programs including debt management, credit improvement, avoiding foreclosure and bankruptcy plans. Consolidated Credit also offers a strong counseling and financial education component.

Established in as Michigan Credit Union League, GreenPath debt solutions has grown into a full nonprofit financial services organization. The company has offices across the country and helps more than , people annually. CountryWide Debt Relief is a year-old debt settlement company that educates its clients about options to avoid bankruptcy.

The firm is a proactive company that negotiates with debtors, coordinates repayment and teaches clients about improving their credit scores. Founded in , Pacific Debt Inc. Since its founding, Pacific Debt has settled millions of dollars in consumer debt each month by offering counseling and solutions that put the customer first.

National Debt Relief helps consumers find relief from burdensome debt with their debt settlement services. They offer alternatives to bankruptcy along with educational resources for people who are considering filing for bankruptcy. Century Support Services is a debt settlement company that was founded in with headquarters in Pennsylvania. Century Support Services helps consumers reduce their debt by negotiating with companies to forgive a significant amount of unsecured debt.

New Era Debt Solutions has been offering people debt relief options since It provides debt settlement programs for multiple types of unsecured debt, including credit cards, personal lines of credit, repossessions, judgments and private student loans.

Accredited Debt Relief works with several debt relief partners to help clients take control of their financial futures. Accredited Debt Relief reviews different debt relief programs and makes sure to match clients with the debt solution right for them. This financial service company helps you settle your debt quickly by offering a selection of debt strategies catered to you.

Professionals help you design a custom debt solution that meets your unique financial needs. United Debt Counselors UDC is a debt settlement firm that helps people who have high credit card balances with high interest rates.

UDC helps you combine all your debt into one bill with a lower interest rate, so you can pay off your debt earlier than if you did nothing. Elite Financial Services is a debt settlement company that can help consumers eliminate debt in as little as 12 months. They only charge consumers a fee once they have successfully settled their debts, which can ease the financial burden of debt settlement. Their educational resources guide consumers to handle their current debt and learn money management skills that can prevent debt in the future.

Nonprofit Family Credit Management, a credit counseling agency has been in business for more than 20 years. The company has helped over , people get out of debt. This company is a debt settlement advisor that can help you reduce the amount of money you owe. They work directly with creditors to get their clients lower overall payments so they can be debt-free in as little as months. Clearpoint Credit Counseling is a non-profit, education-focused credit counseling firm committed to teaching consumers better money management skills.

Founded in , the firm offers budget, debt and housing advice. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has more than 40 branches nation-wide. Money Management International, founded in , is a non-profit, full-service credit counseling agency in the U.

Their services include professional financial guidance, credit, bankruptcy and housing counseling, as well as education and debt management services. The company employs certified credit counselors and was founded in InCharge is a d 3 non-profit organization offering free and impartial debt relief solutions to consumers struggling with debt.

Should I file for bankruptcy? Find out if bankruptcy is right for you. How to handle bill collectors. Know your rights when a debt collector calls.

Debts are typically paid off within 5 years of program start date. Fees are based on a sliding scale with no hidden charges. Choose a due date with your credit counselor. One-time set-up fee and nominal monthly fee. Most clients are debt free within years making monthly payments through a debt management plan. Unsecured debts are settled in as little as months depending on the monthly repayment amount.

No fees until debts are settled. Monthly credit monitoring offered. Results are often seen in first 90 days. Third-party payment processor provides real-time access to account balances and a bank account to save, track and disperse funds for debt relief purposes. Does not assist with debt from home and auto loans or federal student loans. Free online service that lets consumers compare rates on monthly bills to reduce the cost of living.

They work with over service providers on services such as home loans, credit cards and insurance. Offers credit repair services for customers in several states. Improvement takes around six months. In other cases, they may build relationships with influential members of the group in order to gain acceptance.

A common type of affinity fraud is the Ponzi or pyramid scheme. Visit the section on Affinity Fraud for more information. Newcomers are frequently targeted by a phone scam being carried out by someone claiming to be Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC.

Staff at CIC never accept payments over the phone by prepaid credit cards or private money transfers. Many complaints we receive about door-to-door sellers have to do with unclear contracts, bad quality products or services, or the customer not receiving the products or services they bought.

The most common calls we answer are about heat pumps, driveway paving or sealing, roofing repairs and other home or yard maintenance services. Direct sellers are required, with some exceptions, to be licensed and bonded under the Direct Sellers Act and to carry this licence with them, proving that he or she is associated with a licensed company. Before signing a contract, click here to learn about your rights and how to avoid getting scammed when buying from a door-to-door seller.

If you've been targeted once you are likely to be targeted again. If a scam artist receives money from you, they will often hold onto your contact information for future use or sell their list of names and contact information to other scam artists for profit. They tell you that some or all of your original investment has been lost. The scam artist will say that they can help recover your lost money for a "fee". The scam artist calls the senior and pretends to be a family member often a grandchild.

Before sending any money, take steps to verify the identity and the story of the person requesting money. The scam usually starts with an unsolicited pitch to invest in a promising business that is about to go public. You may be told that the investment is only available to very wealthy people, but an exception will be made for you—all you have to do is sign some paperwork.

This paperwork usually involves lying about how much money you make. Exempt securities on their own, are not scams. They are usually sold to wealthy investors who can afford professional advice and the higher risks of these investments. Exempt securities are risky, and you could lose all of your investment. If you have to lie about how much money you have before you invest, walk away.

Click here to find out more about Exempt Securities. Usually these ads appear in newspapers, or on radio, TV or websites. The ads may look legitimate but what usually happens is that your money is not invested in anything.

It is simply stolen by the scam artist. Most of the time, the gold does not exist. If your money is invested in the forex market, you may not have been told that the investment is very risky. An iTunes gift card is used to purchase items online for Apple products such as music or apps for your Apple device. The same rule applies for other payment methods they may ask for such as PlayStation, Amazon, or Google Play gift cards.

Click here to learn more about mortgage fraud. If the promised tax savings are fake, you could also end up owing the government money in back taxes, interest and penalties. When you move your money to another country, you are no longer protected by Canadian law. For example, if you use an offshore broker, you are not protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund if they go bankrupt. You will not have any recourse in Canadian court. Scammers follow the headlines and build a pitch around what is in the news.

The fluctuations in the price of oil and gas in recent years have led to many scams to get people to invest in fake oil and gas companies or fake investments tied to natural gas, wind and solar energy, and the development of new energy-efficient technologies.

Scam artists approach investors through e-mails and phone calls with false reports of an "up-and-coming" opportunity to become involved in an oil and gas limited partnership.

They will tell investors that a large oil or gas company has invested in this venture to make it sound legitimate. They may have a legitimate-looking website, glossy brochures and research. Promotional material may also include falsified reports about actual drill sites and production estimates.

Be sure to fully investigate any investment and ask questions before investing any money. This scam promotes investment seminars offering you an opportunity to "move your money", "maximize tax flow" or "pay less tax". The seminar is likely promoting an investment with some kind of tax break or shelter. In some cases, investors are audited years later and find out that they could be assessed for additional taxes, interest, or penalties by the Canada Revenue Agency CRA.

The scheme eventually collapses when the number of new investors drops. Ultimately, the promoters vanish, taking your money with them. Read our featured blog post and learn more about how to recognize a Ponzi scheme.

These scams are often run out of a boiler room.