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Using a formula based on the amount of oiling they experienced, the five Gulf Coast states will split another 30 percent, which will be used for projects listed in individual state expenditure plans approved by the council. WHAT do i do. The president takes an oath to protect the Constitution every bit as binding as the one the Supreme Court Justices take. Little is further from the truth. Comey has been more corrupt than we thought. My th payment would have been paid in July ! Microlenders can assist you through the process.


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What happened?

He basically talked me into these easy to pay off, low interest school loans that I wouldn't need to pay until I graduated.

I am 35 now and do not have a degree. Changing schools basically causes you to start over when it's an online school. I had to restart for the most part at least once. I used this up until I was 35 attending online when I could family, full time work and more. I am about 10 classes from a degree probably not the best since it was a for profit online school, but what choice do you have when you're 80 credits deep?

My Gi Bill ran out and now I have navient calling me 10x a day, threatening garnishment and dropping my credit over points just before I was trying to buy a home.

Now I am not eligible for credit anywhere, nor can I get a home loan. I have attempted to work with Navient, but they don't offer programs when you've owed for so long. This would be fine if they could work with me, but each time I called them they have been unwilling to work with me on a manageable payment plan. Now the education system and the credit system is against us. Sure, I haven't paid and that's my fault, but loan sharking and bad choices got me into this situation and I just cannot afford to pay a month for school loans that lead to nothing except for near homelessness.

They refuse to work with you, but are quick to sue. I did file bankruptcy in , and I am unable to claim these shark like loans. America is failing us all. Education is imperative to progression, but in America it has become degression because it is a business and nothing more. I'm having to pay almost a month.

That's almost half of my of my paycheck and i can't afford to eat, pay mortgage and care for my family. I graduated with a Master degree in Social Work in May I began making a monthly payment in March, I have paid back every penny borrowed plus some and still owe in exorbitant amount of money. I do work for a non-profit agency and have for 17 years.

My payments were not made under a qualifying payment plan so I did not and do not qualify for forgiveness even though I have made well over 10 years of payments. I am a social worker who fights for social justice but sadly do not see an end to this injustice. I have written letters to the US department of Education, the Ombudsman office as well as appealing to my loan servicer only to be met with disappointment.

I work for a non-forprofit university. I see these students who both borrow responsibily and irresponsible. Part of the problem is the higher education and the cost to pay the teacher , support staff, maintenance, and other areas. We get no state support and breaks. We are a great school for heal professions.

Their are a group of students in a certain program that borrow way to much with no hope of paying back. Student or the government. The cost of education is high for us, the cost of living in certain areas like south Florida. We have become a society that demands degrees but not willing to pay for the student to get a higher education. Their is no single fix to this problem. If you forgive student loan debt for all students what is the fix long term solution to higher education.

I have a wife and 3 kids. You would think with my salary, I would be fine. We live paycheck to paycheck due to my high student loan monthly payments. She does not work because the cost of child care is so high it does not make sense. We can not buy a house because of my credit, and I can not get a lower payment because of my income. And both of our cars need maintenance that I can not afford. I should have never went to college and just stayed in the Marine Corp.

I had to put everything into handling taking care of my family right after college. My dad was dying of cancer and due to medical bills my family was near poverty. My student loans kicked in after 6 months. No one is ever prepared to start paying in that soon after graduation. After multiple times having to defer and forbare my loans in order to keep a roof over my dads head , the interest alone set me up for at least another decade of payments.

Who can afford this?? Who knew trying to better myself would leave me paying for it for the rest of my life. I decided to go to grad school to help increase my chances of finding a decent job. I finished my program in August and haven't been able to find full time work. This has forced me to keep deferring my payments because I can't afford to start paying those off yet.

When I can finally start I'm going to owe between 80 and grand. I'm scared I'll never be able to afford to move out of my parents' house even when I do find full-time work. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in My student load debt has grown from the 32, I owed originally to close to 90k now.

This is mainly due to the fact that my payments have always been more than my rent or my house payments; and when times got tough due to layoffs or sickness, you can guess which one I paid and which one I didn't. I was able to get several forbearances during this time, but good ol' fed loan just kept on charging that interest. I recently had to take a lesser paying job and have been unable to make payments.

Do they offer any help? Nope, but they keep on charging that interest. Reforms are desperately needed for the student loan system.

In it's current state it's like borrowing money from the mob. The way they compound interest and the fact that you're tied with the debt until death is criminal. I went to Katherine Gibbs in for an one year program to be an office assistant. I have 3 kids and 2 will be going to college soon. Hello, I believe our family has found itself in one of the highest known student loan debt ever recorded. So after her 6 years of education and a 30, scholarship she alone has a total student debt amount of, , Before I injured my back and I was working they garnished my wages not once but twice.

They have taken my income tax check where I no longer get my return and my credit is ruined because of the high interest rates and owe way to much to ever see them paid off in my lifetime.

I have loans from a school that is no longer in business and think that it is unfair that the only people given loan forgiveness are public service individuals including teachers. I don't believe that interest rates should be decided by congress and don't believe interest rates should continue to be charged and plus they sell the loans off to different people all the time how is anyone supposed to stay on top of all of them when it keeps changing hands. We are living paycheck to paycheck. We live in a one bedroom trailer.

Sorry for the rant but student and federal loans suck. I counsel individuals with addictions, most of whom have mental health issues for a community-based non-profit organization. In the next four or so months, I'll have been doing this for 10 years, and I'll have made about payments on my student loans. But since I didn't request an Income Driven Plan until about two years ago, the company that currently holds my loan says I've only made 26 payments that are part of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

As a co-worker and friend asked about the or so payments I've already made, "What did they think you were giving them, tips? I recently began a teaching job after college and began paying my student loans. I was promised I could get through the program in three years, and that I would not go over my aggregate loan limits. I went to the Dean and Financial AId and asked for support.

I had worked so hard in the program. All they said was, drop out. Well , dropping out wasn't an option, because I would still have to pay for the loan. They pushed me to my aggregate loan limits, I believe for their own financial gain. I graduated with a 4. However, as the mother of two young girls, and a wife, the jobs, for someone with my experience and education do not pay sufficiently to pay the loans.

If I went back into non-profit teaching, I would not be able to take care of my family. We have a mortgage and bills to pay. I am the primary bread winner in my family, so I cannot take a public service job to find relief.. If I had known my biggest dream would become my biggest nightmare, I would never have gone to school. I feel ignorant and stupid. So I work in small retail store 20 to 30 hours in a week with not more than a minimum wage of the state of Maryland.

Because of my health problem and very low income I couldn't make a payment for my student loan. Thanks for you attention many times I get stress out it trigger my problem and had a seizure.

Mar 16, Baltimore, Maryland. When I needed help with an additional forbearance in the past after my original forbearance period had been used up, my loan servicer showed absolutely no mercy, even though they had a supposed process to appeal their initial denial decision.

Later, after entering into an IBR payment plan, I never missed a payment but missed the under-publicized deadline for submitting my annual updated income information. Because I submitted the information after the deadline, my servicer restarted the clock by entering me into a "new" IBR plan, which meant that I would have to make my twenty years of payments for a longer period of time. This clock has been reset three times now over the years, even though no payment was ever late. Being gouged in these legal but despicable ways has made me deeply interested as an attorney in helping other student debtors to use the legal system to get out from under their frequently oppressive and life-sapping student loan debt.

I earned a master's degree in Education in I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder because I was sexually abused for a decade as a child.

Social Security does not believe I have these ailments even though years of doctors' reports stated I did because I was able to work 8 hours per week from bed teaching online and "made too much money" doing so. I needed to feed my children and keep a roof over my head while I was waiting for their disability approval. Now, I am in a temporary position working outside the home and suffering greatly every day with anxiety and chronic diarrhea. Thanks for listening anyway.

It helps to put it out there sometimes. We all have heavy burdens to carry. I started school as an adult student. Finally received my professional credentials. I have checked my payment status with Fed Loan Servicing. I will die with these loans, and wish I had more information at the time I borrowed. What makes things better is I asked for a recalculation of my payments because I was struggling making them.

Overwhelming does not even begin to describe how this makes me feel daily. I got my first Master's degree in Counseling Psychology at age 21 and my father paid for this at a state university in Maryland. I loved doing residential substance abuse, eating disorders and dual disorders. When I moved back to Florida to take care of a sick parent, I decided to go back to graduate school to get my Masters in Social Work, which is the degree I wished I'd gotten 30 years ago so I could have gone into the Air Force as a officer and retired with the Air Force.

I moved from Florida to western Colorado in , being promised by my employer then that there would be "no problem in your getting federal loan forgiveness program-our employees get that all the time. Several months later, I was fired for confronting a coworker on her unethical client behavioral.

I guess I'll be working until I'm 99 doing private practice! Could use some wisdom, advice. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to serve my community. I started volunteering when I was in high school and I graduated with a B.

Because I wanted to work in international development, this prompted me to delay my application to Peace Corps and serve my community stateside for a few years. I served one year in AmeriCorps, apprenticed on an organic farm for another.

I also volunteered at a local nonprofit and taught ESL classes. After completing two years and upon my return, I knew I needed an advanced degree in order to make a larger, positive impact in the nonprofit sector. I explored the many graduate program options Peace Corps has for returned volunteers. These programs usually come at a reduced or no cost, but none of the graduate programs were available in Austin, a city to which I had just moved.

After travelling extensively for over a decade, I loved Austin and didn't want to move again. In late , the PSLF program was signed into law, which opened up many more options to get an advanced degree at a local university.

In , I found a great master's program at a small, private university and started the program in It was an alternative MBA and would help me become an even more effective leader in the nonprofit sector. The prospect of PSLF helped me get an advanced degree, a degree that has helped me become a better nonprofit professional,. The prospect of PSLF helped me get an advanced degree, a degree that has helped me become a better nonprofit professional, a better leader, and better able to make a positive impact on my organization and the nonprofit sector.

I believe we owe it to all current public-sector leaders to ensure that FedLoan is held accountable, becomes more transparent immediately, as well as safeguard the PSLF program for future public-sector leaders. My name is Caroline Russ. I was so excited to read that bankruptcy might be an option for student loan borrowers. I declared bankruptcy in , but it really didn't help my situation much because the largest portion of my debt were my student loans.

Even though my situation was very much a hardship situation, I could not get released from my debt burden. I also was not making much money at my Public Service position in Florida.

Until a couple of years ago, I did not realize that the lender that owned my loans was not a participant in the Public Service Forgiveness Program, and had to change lenders to one who did participate in it. My salary has gone up some, but not enough to completely pay off all of my student loans.

Plus, they have also accrued a great deal of interest since I took them out because I have gone through a hardship period since the Great Recession. I know that they keep me from make life changing decisions that could change mine and my daughters lives.

I won't get married because I really don't want somebody else drowning in debt with me. I can't buy a house because my debt to income ratio is extremely high because of my student loans even though my other debts are relatively low.

Ironically enough, I work in financial aid at a college, but don't really talk about it with anyone I work with here. I do participate in the Income Based Repayment Plan, but don't feel like the debt will ever go away. I really feel disappointed for my daughter because it hinders me from making a better life for her, which I do feel is part of the American Dream.

I would like to pay for her to go to vocational school. If there is a way to eliminate the debt, I would be so thrilled. I feel like my previous bankruptcy should be considered in this matter. I thank you for re-evaluating the situation for previous borrowers like me. I was a single mother with two children living in San Francisco in the Eighties. I went to a community college and then transferred to San Francisco State University, a four year college.

Trying to pay rent in one of the most expensive American cities, even then, was a challenge for me. The whole point of returning to school was to better my living situation so that I could provide for my children. So, I took out student loans for my living expenses, feeling certain that I would get a great job and repay.

Because I was an excellent student studying French and International Relations, I was admitted into an international program where I took my daughter for an academic year at the University of Provence in the south of France.

By the time I returned, my loans came due. I was only six units away from graduation. As a result, I was never able to achieve the salaries that would allow me to get rid of this burden. And this has hung like an albatross around my neck ever since. I am now 64 years old and I have no idea how I will ever be rid of this catastrophic burden.

I have been struggling to pay my student loans for years. I'm barely making it on the IBR payments in on. The only thing that keeps me going is PSLF in 8 more years. PLUS, I am caring for a parent who is in default on her student loans because she has encountered age discrimination when looking for work. All student loans should really be forgiven.

The forgiveness would grow the economy and give some if us a second chance which, ironically, a lot of us went to school for in the first place! My student debt is an onus. Due to my public service, most or all of that debt should be forgiven. Librarians need a 4 year degree just to be considered for a job.

Once you land a job, it's probably going to be under 30 hours a week, because libraries have fewer and fewer full time positions any more. They can't afford to pay benefits, and we can't afford to pay off our student loans. It took a hefty student loan for me to acquire my degree at the age of Without a full time job opportunity in my field, I'll never be able to pay it off in my lifetime.

I am a 53 year old single, self-employed psychologist and mother of two. I am the youngest of four children raised by my mother who was widowed when our father died when I was four. I was the only one to go to college. I had to take out loans originating in while working full time and going to school full time to keep the loans minimized.

Loans were offered freely without question or warning. I was told how they are easily refinanced, with flexible repayment, etc.

They carried forward into graduate school. Again, I worked full time and did not borrow at all when I received a stipend for my doctoral level internship. By that point, I was a single mother of two young children and their father was incarcerated for non-payment of child support. They were condescending on the phone. From there I paid every possible penny toward the repayment. I dragged them to work with me on sick days, snow days, etc.

Despite the relative success of my private practice, I could never earn enough to pay the loans, taxes, health care, etc. I juggled debt, refinanced whenever I could, and downsized homes dramatically on two occasions. My son, daughter and I ended up in a small two bedroom condo with my son sleeping in the basement by the time they got to high school. Despite my constant working and downsizing, by I could no longer avoid bankruptcy.

One week after filing Chapter 13, I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I had two surgeries and daily radiation treatments.

My attorney thought the student loan lender would be compassionate and offer some relief. We had to file an Adversarial Complaint and we are now facing continued litigation.

At one point, the loan servicer NJHSEAA, taking over from Navient during the bankruptcy tried to get me to plagiarize myself by completing a Total and Complete Disability form in order to qualify for temporary relief. I was trying to work and keep my practice alive despite the cancer treatments and would not lie. My attorney said we have to go to trial. The stress in overwhelming. My son just started college and my daughter starts next year.

They are both scared and dissolutioned right now for putting them in this position. They lived our suffering from student loans throughout their childhoods and now they are forced to take out their own.

If the Public Service program ended, my years of hard work and service would not count. As a single parent, I would be paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month for the rest of my life. I used Federal Stafford Loans to pay for my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

I have worked in public service for over 20 years. To date, I have made income driven loan payments. In order to qualify, I now must consolidate my existing loans again into the type of loan that is required for loan forgiveness and start over with making payments again! My th payment would have been paid in July ! Neither loan servicer advised me all this time that I did not have the right type of loan to qualify for the loan forgiveness program that is now in jeopardy of being eliminated by our current administration.

I consistently asked my loan services if I was on the right track for loan forgiveness and was told yes. I blame myself for not knowing. This feels like a nightmare. Somebody, please awaken me! I am 41 years old. I feel like the majority the school loan debt stories and advice columns that I hear are targeted for recent graduates who are younger in their 20s. I know their employment prospects and the cost of living is very challenging for this group. However, I struggle with the advice and assistance for those of us who are older and have multiple degrees.

I am honestly ashamed to admit this, but here goes…. I never admit this out loud to anyone. I read that you should admit it and tell people out loud to stand in your truth. This is not easy. I have never met anyone or read any stories online of anyone in as much school loan debt as myself.

I honestly laughed at this. I could only dream of this debt. How did this happen to me? How will I ever resolve this? I have impeccable credit above , I pay all of my bills, I work multiple jobs, I own a house with a hefty mortgage always paid and I cannot get ahead of my school debt. I am at a loss…. I am a nurse-attorney and college professor. When I say this, I always get the requisite response that people are impressed or maybe they feel that is how they are supposed to react.

They always say something like you are so smart or so accomplished, etc. On the inside, I am ashamed, embarrassed and telling myself I cannot possibly be that smart if I have allowed myself to accumulate such debt. As a young woman in college, I had no concept of what accruing debt meant. I had not been educated on finances at all at home, school, etc. I had no concept of what that meant. I had always thought I would go back to school and get a graduate degree when I was an undergraduate.

After law school, I continued to work as a nurse for a bit until I found the right next career path. I was able to transition into patient safety and quality where both my nursing and legal background would be a benefit. We managed many regulatory, legal and investigative patient matters. My problem was that through all of this I was not paying attention to the interest and other financial burdens being accumulated.

I did not sit down and create a budget. I just bought things and paid the bill issued to me by the school loan companies as they came. I never sat down and thought about the long-term consequences of debt and how the interest continues to add up.

I even deferred my loans a few times. This is the problem with not having ever been taught about money. I did not ever consider the big picture. I just thought you paid the bills that came each month. I never thought about debt over time or interest. I wish somebody has explained this to me or that I caught on to the problem earlier on. I was still in my late 20s at that time.

I felt like I had forever…. After advancing in my career, I began to teach some college courses. Although I had an advanced degree, my advanced degree was not in nursing. In order to teach at the college level, you typically need an advanced degree in the field often you even need a doctoral level degree.

This led me back to school. I know, I know!!!! I got a doctoral degree in nursing. This is how I ended up where I am.

Once I was closer to graduating with my final degree yes, I stupidly deferred previous loans during this time , I started looking at the figures I owed and finally something triggered in my brain that these amounts could not possible be paid off.

For the past year, I have been working multiple jobs. I still work in the hospital and I teach for multiple universities. During this time, I have even still seen my balance increase. Do you know how disheartening it is to work so hard, make double and triple payments and still see that balance GO UP???? I do not want this debt hanging over me for the next 30 years. What can I do? What is a reasonable plan to pay this off in 5 or 10 years realistically.

I am willing to make drastic changes. I make a decent annual salary since I work multiple jobs , but it is not even making a dent right now. I am relying entirely on PSLF. So many of us have shaped our life planning around PSLF and eliminating it would shatter millions of peoples finances.

I am pretty disciplined in money management but trying to save money with a family is still incredibly hard enough already with a significant percentage of my paycheck devoted to loans. Taking away PSLF seems like it simply should not be legal, especially for those of us that have been invested in the program for years already. But will hopefully not be an issue. It seems crazy to me that the fed funds rate is currently 1. A moot point with PSLF. If I had the same rate as big banks, repayment would have been possible.

I don't understand how the other loan forgiveness are of much benefit as people will currently be taxed on the amount forgiven. I wish all my payments counted toward the payback time, especially when I was paying much more than my income based plan. I suppose beggars can't be choosers. I entered graduate school and took on student debt with the understanding that I would qualify for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness as a librarian in a public library.

Now, when I am three months away from graduating, this program is on the chopping block and if it is eliminated, I will likely just miss the window to be grandfathered into the program. I am terrified of being unable to pay off my loans and having my debt rule my life. Please fight for this program and for all of us who are working on the front lines in public service jobs. Last year, I became sixty-five years old and I had to move into a room previous year because of prices going higher and I'm paying on back schools loans.

I owe so much I don't see myself getting a salary that the government doesn't own. I'm a teacher for the City of New York. So, I get paid with one hand and the city takes the money back with the other. I raised three sons living with their father who was never actively involved as a parent.

I raised them the best I could- initially going to private school until college, involving them in all the the things they were interested in paying for the lessons as well as attending their events We moved several times due to lack of finances because of unemployment by their father so live wasn't easy.

The years as a parent has brought a great deal of challenges raising three sons which called for sacrifices but I still finished school. I entered the teaching profession as a Teaching Fellow which means I had a scholarship, My educational background involved finishing undergrad at the New School and grad as well as admin program at Long Island University. Therefore, loans were needed for undergrad and admin certificate.

Cost of living rising, helping my sons through their trials and tribulations, I've struggled. It has also been quite challenging teaching in urban schools for seventeen years, spending at least five hundred dollars of my own money each year supplementing my needs for my students and never being reimbursed.

Each year, I've had difficulties surviving living in Brooklyn, New York. When I should be retiring like most of my friends and people my age, I find myself still having to work.

This year I had my second physical accident at school which involved a hip fracture resulting in surgery. At the moment i'm going through physical therapy and nutritional improvement to aid in my improvement in health' I would prefer to give in my papers to retire, I also worked thirteen years driving a bus for New York City Transit prior to becoming a teacher.

I've worked for thirty-five years in total including other jobs I've had as well as doing a great deal of volunteer work in my community. So I think my background and others who are older people deserved to be given payment for our contribution to society by dropping any outstanding school loans we might have.

I am part of the baby boomer generation and we have caused society to make some changes in their mine set e. So, I would appreciate someone helping me straighten out this situation so I can enjoy a well-deserved retirement from this profession so I can pursue my passion or open another chapter of my life. When I entered college at 17 years old, I was desperarelty seeking freedom from my parents authority, as most high school graduates are.

While I recieved a small scholarship from the private 4-year university which I'd attended, I needed to cover the costs in some other way. I sought help from my credit union, which led me to University Accounting Services, and when that borrow amount was exceeded, I then borrowed from Sallie Mae. The federal government has been the only understanding party, willing to bend in flexibility to ensure that I am able to keep my head afloat along with my credit score.

The private student loan companies, against whom I've written to the CFPB, the President of the United States, the founder of the school system of which I was a part of in my upbringing, Ellen, Oprah, Eva Longoria, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Gates, and so many more, are bleeding me dry with little options other than to defer while I am in law school which I'm paying out of pocket for.

I am disheartened mostly by the fact that someone my age was allowed to continue borrowing, without being fully informed from the companies in a way that would make sense to someone my age at the time, of the serious consequences. I've asked for help, with little to no response, and have looked into consolidation; however, no one wants to acknowledge my struggle with the enormity of the monster that I've laid down with, and no one has any solution to private student loan forgiveness, as that's not an option.

I thought I was doing things right. I enrolled in PSLF. I was working a qualifying job. But when I submitted my paperwork to certify my employment and count my qualifying payments they told me I had made 6 qualifying payments in 7 years. I interrogated the agent for 45 minutes over this. They said that at some point I had paid about 20 cents extra. And then consistently paid 20 cents over for many months.

Another month I paid 20 cents too little. So neither of those payments counted. Other months I had the money 2 weeks before due date so I paid it. But that meant my payment due Dec 7 was paid in November. I graduated in I taught for 6 years at community college level, then as a staff member at CSULB in a non-profit Center from to I also taught at this university as a lecturer.

I've been paying on my loans for over 22 years and have applied for Forgiveness and was rejected, even though I've worked for a non-profit public university and a non-profit center at that same university.

All of my payments have gone to the interest only How the hell does this happen? Two separate sources told Fox News some of the EMS teams who requested to enter the school were told they could not. This seriously changes everything. We may have finally gotten to the bottom of why the Florida school shooter was able to take the life of 17 of his fellow students.

Previously, we reported that on-duty police officers at the site of the shooting neglected to enter the building while the shooting was ongoing, which could have cost an untold number of lives. Then the Broward County Sheriff attempted to defend his department, despite the clear cowardice displayed by his officers.

Now we just received shocking news that the on-duty deputies were ordered not to engage with the shooter or enter the building. It sounds like the officials in charge were intentionally trying to make the situation worse, so that it would have a greater political effect. Obama slow-walked his response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in order to maximize the damage and bring condemnation to oil companies in general. Emblematic of the administrative state problem is the slow-rolling special counsel coup being orchestrated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies intent on overturning a presidential election, energized and perpetrated by human creatures in the embedded federal bureaucracy that occupies a wide swath of swampland on the Potomac River.

New York's attorney general oversaw and facilitated secret surveillance on pro-life counselors outside an abortion clinic as well as the creation of a fake identity in an attempt to win an ongoing case, according to a witness's testimony.

Testimony in People v. The Ruling Class Hates You. Truth is, they really don't like the rest of us. No problem, we have our own lives and families.

But it's only not a problem until such disdain is combined with a sense of political entitlement and the coercive power of government. When Federal Prosecutors Go Bad. From the very beginning of the prosecution when the affidavits for charges are submitted to the court, the honesty and fairness of the prosecutors is tested, and all too often, ambitious and aggressive prosecutors betray that trust.

Most of all, these books warn that the character and virtue of prosecutors are the critical factor in the proper conduct of a prosecution, the choice of target, the charge made, and the conduct of the discovery and the trial. Prosecutors have all the cards, and if they don't conduct an honest and fair prosecution, innocent people are harmed, destroyed by their striving for conviction at any cost, even by cheating or by abuse of the process.

Bad People Lied to a Kangaroo Court. The only people who think that the government in a non-adversarial, secret, non-reviewable judicial proceeding will produce "all material and relevant facts," including "information potentially favorable to the target of the FISA application," are those pathetically deluded souls who believe that when rules, regulations, and laws are promulgated everyone complies, including the government that promulgated them.

They're always shocked when reality proves otherwise. The rest of us might want to consider what it took for this exposure of potential government wrongdoing before the FISC. If this wasn't such a high-profile partisan battle, impinging on the presidency, that effort never would have been made. Had Hillary Clinton been elected or Democrats controlled Congress, none of this would have seen the light of day.

The memo shows interference in the presidential election by hostile elements within a United States intelligence agency. Left unanswered is to what extent the West Wing knew about or was complicit in this gross abuse of power.

Democracy's Highest Crime and Misdemeanor. Second, when laws are not enforced they cease to have meaning. And that's when your nation finds itself on a slippery slope of arbitrary and subjective rule and cronyism, which ends in ruin Over those eight years, each of the above agencies was transformed into an arm of the Democratic Party tasked with crippling the opposition and abrogating the Constitution.

Since all of the mainstream media already were arms of the DNC, it is well and truly a miracle that Donald Trump prevailed throughout his campaign to win the election, as the entire DC bureaucracy and media were aligned against him. Most of them still are. Those law enforcement institutions in which Americans have put their trust and faith for many decades have been thoroughly compromised by a group of bad actors at the top, self-appointed arbiters of electoral politics.

Obama built upon, took his cues from the Clintons, the most corrupt family ever to wield political power in America. He effectively turned our law enforcement agencies into a Stasi that spies on its own citizens. What do a former attorney general, two former judges, two licensed attorneys and a former state legislator have in common?

As a longtime conservative strategist and consultant, I had a front row seat to what the Wisconsin Supreme Court called "a perfect storm of wrongs," visited upon people who are "wholly innocent of any wrongdoing. Constitution is no longer the law of the land. Now the law is whatever a federal judge says it is.

Trump announced the phase-out weeks ago, claiming the program established by his predecessor via executive order was illegal. Alsup, a Bill Clinton appointee, ruled the program legal. In his ruling, Alsup concluded that without a nationwide injunction, DACA recipients would likely suffer irreparable harm, leading to harmful ripple effects on the nation's economy and healthcare system.

It's not enough to have federal, state, and local governments issuing rules over what you can and can't do. No, we had to create these petty tyrannies to stick their noses in as well. Different HOAs have different rules, to be sure, but they all focus on the mundane, trivial stuff. That's because the people who are attracted to rules like HOA boards and elected offices are people who are often attracted to power in general.

An English language-arts teacher in Louisiana's Vermilion Parish School District was removed from a school board meeting and handcuffed Monday night after asking questions about administrator pay, video of the event shows.

Deyshia Hargrave asked why board members were planning to give the superintendent a raise when teachers had not been rewarded a pay raise in years, the Washington Post reported.

Teacher handcuff video leads to death threats, investigation. A Louisiana school board's office was temporarily locked down after members received death threats when a video emerged Tuesday showing a teacher screaming while being handcuffed at a board meeting.

He said the threats have been reported to local police and the FBI. The threats came less than a day after middle school English teacher Deyshia Hargrave was forcibly removed from Monday night's meeting. This remarkable page order has all the aesthetics of a judicial decision but is, at heart, an amateur act of punditry. Judge Alsup paints the picture of a divided White House, wherein "the Chief Executive publicly favors the very program [his Administration] has ended.

Such rhetoric in a judicial decision would have been unthinkable barely a year ago. But now it passes for the new normal. Once again, the judiciary has attempted to shackle President Trump from making his own judgments about how to exercise his own power. And it will do so again. Trump and Sessions must tell this amnesty judge to shove it.

Not in [Alexander] Hamilton's wildest imaginings could he ever have envisioned a time when a lowly district judge can force a president to make denizens of aliens, contrary to the most foundational sovereignty statutes. Even King George couldn't do what Obama did on immigration without the consent of Parliament, according to the Library of Congress. In that sense, the power of lower court judges has been elevated to a higher status than that of a king, much less a president.

Remember when Hamilton said even the Supreme Court would have "neither force nor will" on political issues even governing American citizens?

Those were good days. It's not worth delving into the details of the ruling from this Antifa-style judge in San Francisco who declared last night that Trump must continue renewing work permits, visas, and Social Security cards for people who, pursuant to law, must be deported. After all, Judge William Alsup is merely continuing "the resistance," with the power of supremacy that even conservative legal eagles have bestowed upon the judicial robes.

Let's put aside the fact that it is a settled, uninterrupted stream of case law that illegal aliens are considered as if they are outside the country and do not have standing to sue in court. We are witnessing a treasonous rebellion by leftist judges who are declaring the last election null and void.

At the core of these traitors' arguments is the belief that the people do not have the right to express their views through the electoral process. Essentially, these courts are declaring that President Trump doesn't have the same authority as his predecessor and that the powers of the executive branch are constrained by what the judiciary thinks is good policy.

These judges assert that President Trump can't overrule the executive orders of his predecessor with his own executive orders. If that were the case, elections would be meaningless, since one president could effectively prevent the people from rejecting his position by voting for a candidate who disagreed with him.

We see this in the judge's ruling on DACA. Ignoring for a moment the fact that DACA was an unconstitutional usurpation of power by Obama, there is still a huge problem with a court effectively declaring that one president, Obama, can make edicts that other presidents can't change. A federal judge, U. District Judge William Alsup, took it upon himself to order that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program DACA , put in place by former President Obama's executive order and wound down towards ultimate termination by President Trump's own executive order last September, must stay in place at least for the time being.

The judge issued a preliminary injunction against ending DACA while lawsuits over President Trump's decision go forward. The effect of Judge Alsup's order is to throw out a temporary lifeline to the illegal immigrant "Dreamers" who have or have had DACA protection to be able to continue staying and working in the country while they apply for renewals.

Needless to say, President Trump was not happy with this latest example of judicial overreach. He ordered the administration to allow illegal immigrants to renew their DACA applications just as they would have under President Obama. Case Against Bundys Dismissed: Judge Navarro's ruling was based on the egregious misconduct of the FBI and Justice Department lawyers handling the case, that led her to conclude that a new trial would not be sufficient to address the problems in the case and would provide the prosecution with an unfair advantage going forward.

The judge criticized both the prosecution and the FBI for not providing evidence to the defense as required under court rules. Navarro said it was clear the FBI was involved in the prosecution of the case, and that it was not a coincidence that most of the withheld evidence came from the FBI. Is there a single Democrat anywhere who [cares] about America? We now have ironclad evidence that the Obama administration mounted at least two distinct and extraordinary efforts to weaponize government against its political opponents.

Dangers of Government Control. The Federal Reserve Board controls our money supply. Its governors are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate and serve year staggered terms. They have the power to cripple an economy, as they did during the late s and early s. The most often stated cause of the Great Depression is the October stock market crash. Little is further from the truth.

Roosevelt's New Deal legislation. Most Americans are not familiar with the name of Kristian Saucier, but they should be. He is the U. Navy sailor sentenced to prison for taking pictures inside the nuclear submarine he served in.

He was not a spy for a foreign power. He had no intent, to coin a phrase, to do anything with these photos except keep them as personal memories of his proud and honorable service. After all that, despite laying out a case for Hillary's indictment and incarceration, FBI director James Comey, who was writing her exoneration memo before even conducting a sham of an investigation, said no prosecutor worth his salt would bring a case because Hillary lacked "intent" even though the law regarding mishandling of classified information does not require intent.

Unsealed court documents detail how the team of prosecutors tasked with convicting Cliven Bundy and his sons of crimes relating to a armed standoff failed to turn over potential exculpatory evidence to the court, The Oregonian reports. The Bundys' case ended in a mistrial Dec. Navarro is considering dismissing the case "with prejudice" and blocking prosecutors from retrying the case.

Her decision will come Jan. Recent weeks have revealed the chilling extent to which special counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI chief, has surrounded himself with pro-Hillary acolytes who scorn Trump and even his voters. At worst, this is judicial corruption, rooted in bottomless affection for the subject of one inquiry and boundless disdain for the target of a different probe.

At best, this creates the appearance of corruption, whereby Mueller's team and their FBI and DOJ colleagues seem so pro-Hillary and so anti-Trump that even their totally even-handed and perfectly honest conclusions would be attacked as either a phony exoneration of Hillary, a fake prosecution of Trump, or an over-reaction to criticism that prompted the opposite results. With Drano-like efficiency, these outcomes would corrode confidence in federal law-enforcement agencies and the rule of law.

As the pressure to find a culprit mounted, the FBI, abetted by the media, found one. Here, for the first time, the falsely accused, Dr. Hatfill, speaks out about his ordeal.

The page report by Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel details the notorious "John Doe" investigations that went after almost every conservative, nonprofit organization in Wisconsin the state chapter of Club for Growth among them for supposed violations of campaign finance laws. Except that there were not any actual violations of the law, according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The court shut down the prosecutions in , calling the legal theory under which the prosecutors were pursuing the case "unsupported in either reason or law.

This included "virtually every document possessed by the [targets] relating to every aspect of their lives, both personal and professional, over a five-year span.

Stuck in the Middle with the Circumlocution Office. Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit is not among his finest novels [ Fittingly, Dickens calls this chapter, "Containing the whole Science of Government. In America, we call it the federal government. It is my belief, based on mounting evidence, a specific cast of characters within the Mueller "Russia Election Interference" probe were placed there to protect people behind the FBI's initial false claims. Those claims formed the basis for the counterintelligence operation against presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Woman faces criminal charges for rescuing starving dog. A dog rescued in Scioto County was so emaciated, an official said it lost half of its body weight. That official, Rhonda Rose from the Scioto Area Humane Society, said she rescued the dog at the last minute, only to be charged with two crimes. Rose works as the Treasurer of the Humane Society. She has been charged with criminal trespass and petty theft after rescuing the dog. A former employee of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is calling for an investigation after accusing managers of falsifying documents to impose fines on a payday lender.

Cassandra Jackson, a former CFPB examiner in the southeast division, sent a letter last week to Attorney General Jeff Sessions also accusing managers of "widespread racism and gender discrimination. Jackson said she was asked to remove document evidence proving Ace Cash Express was complying with CFPB rules and to write a report including findings she knew to be "false and fabricated. Something has gone terribly wrong with the Mueller investigation.

The investigation is venturing well beyond the original mandate of rooting out evidence of Russian collusion. It has given way to its successor, "obstruction. The Swamp against the People. What do you call a system of government that cannot tolerate a transition of power without corrupt machinations by those unwilling to cede control?

Banana Republic is a term that comes to mind. The Special Counsel was appointed to determine whether Russia colluded with Trump to steal the election. Yes, that really happened. The Obama administration had wiretapped Flynn's conversation with the ambassador, hoping to find him saying something they could use to support their wild story about collusion.

The outrage, for some reason, is not that an outgoing administration was using wiretaps to listen in on a successor's transition. It is that Flynn might have signaled to the Russians that the Trump administration would have a different approach to foreign policy. Head of House intelligence panel finds evidence of abuse in US government surveillance.

But it is very concerning. Who is investigating these people? If you aren't familiar with the "John Doe" investigation that rocked Wisconsin politics a few years ago, or are hazy on the details, go back and read my coverage of how the Left engaged in gross abuses of criminal law to intimidate, harass and silence conservatives in the state.

Eventually, one target violated his gag order and blew the whistle on the whole operation, eventually leading to investigations of the investigations, and multiple courts shutting down the witch hunts with extreme prejudice. It was a black mark on the state's politics, and it signaled just how ruthless the Left had become in its efforts to exact personal and legal vengeance on the political forces that had defeated them in a series of major electoral and policy battles in Madison.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is out of control and we should all be concerned. The Obama era tradition of bureaucratic overreach is alive and well in the Fish and Wildlife Service. Using an endangered frog, the Fish and Wildlife Service is attempting to dictate how private landowners use their land.

The saga of the dusky gopher frog is lengthy, but one perfectly illustrative of federal government overreach into the rights of the private citizenry. Protecting endangered species is part of the function of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service, but a recent string of court decisions, based on a classic sue-and-settle case, has given the agency virtually unlimited power. And it's all thanks to a frog. Like too many jurisdictions, Hawaii requires gun owners to register their firearms.

Also like an excess of other control-freaky places, the state requires medical marijuana users to register themselves with the state Department of Health. As it turns out, those who dutifully abide by both requirements find themselves in trouble.

Hawaii may allow the use of marijuana for medicinal uses, and even require registration of its users, but the state continues to regard the practice as a violation of federal law. There is a basic lesson here for anyone who enters government service: In the Flynn affair, there was no need for the FBI to ask any questions about the telephone chats, since the transcripts were available from the get-go.

It is said that a skilled prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and a special counsel has even greater powers. Furthermore, prosecutors' motives are not limited to the pursuit of the truth. The "accomplishments" of aggressive prosecutors often have very little to do with the facts, but rather with the number of scalps they can hang on their war belts.

The prosecutor can catch you giving an incorrect or confused answer to questions When the Agency determined that this was unlikely to happen, they moved on to exploring other legal avenues which could be used to punish Bamford for his FOIA work. Long before Donald Trump ran for president or most people had heard of Paul Manafort, fabled Judge Alex Kozinski proclaimed a veritable epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.

Abuses of power by prosecutors have changed the balance of power in the United States Senate and sent countless innocent people to prison. Prosecutors have unbridled discretion. With the stroke of a pen, they can indict and ruin anyone, while they enjoy immunity from suit and are rarely even rebuked. Judge Jackson decided that the families couldn't sue Hillary either for wrongful death or for defamation.

That isn't too surprising as Jackson is a former Clinton donor who had been appointed by Obama. And a Clinton donor should never have been ruling on a Clinton case. But now Judge Jackson will be presiding over the Paul Manafort case. Judge Robinson's most prominent previous case was the Berger trial. Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton's former National Security Adviser, stole classified documents about the terror failures of the Clinton administration, hid documents under a construction trailer, lied about taking them and destroyed some of them.

Because ours is a system of checks and balances, not one in which roving prosecutors are given free rein to go after targets of opportunity even if that means making law instead of following it. And the opposition can be expected to respond in kind. Just as the investigation of Watergate led to the investigation of Iran-Contra.

And now the investigation of this president's aides will lead to the next scandal. Now is the time to short-circuit this pernicious process and return to simple law and order.

FBI agents manhandled Manafort and his wife during pre-dawn raid in intimidation effort. It has been reported that the agents checked Mr. Manafort and wife Kathleen for guns as they broke into the Alexandria condo pre-dawn by picking the lock. A source familiar with the case told The Washington Times the search was even more intrusive: An agent patted down Mrs. Manafort before she was allowed to get out of bed. The George Papadopoulos Guilty Plea. The complaint shows that the FBI used a search warrant to get emails that contradicted Papadopoulos.

To convict on a Section charge for lying to the government, the government doesn't have to prove that you successfully lied or that the lie delayed or impeded them. They only have to prove that the lie was on a subject of the sort that could be relevant to the investigation. That's why interviewing subjects and targets hoping they will lie to you and thus make a case for you is a common tactic in federal investigations.

He had to plead to a federal felony because he talked to the FBI and lied, and then foolishly tried to destroy evidence.

That is a feature, not a bug, of federal investigations. Robert Mueller's well-timed indictment. Special Counsel Robert Mueller plans to indict someone this week, we are told.

Nobody knows whom or for what, but I know why. People suspect that a Trump ally will be indicted for something vaguely related to colluding with the Russian Government. We do not know any more details than that because we just cannot find any crime there.

So why is there such a hurry to indict a Republican now? The key is that the indictment comes in late October. Right before a November election.

There is pattern of October indictments against Republicans. A former FBI informant who blew the whistle on a high-profile bribery case involving a Russian energy company was intimidated by Obama administration lawyers into dropping a civil suit against the government last year, his attorney says.

Victoria Toensing, the lawyer for the informant, told The Daily Caller's Vince Coglianese that Obama Justice Department lawyers told her client that "his reputation and liberty [was] in jeopardy" if he did not drop a lawsuit against the government. The lawyer for the confidential FBI informant who exposed that Russian nuclear officials engaged in bribery, kickbacks, money laundering, and extortion in their attempts to corner the U.

Federal judge rules illegal-immigrant minor has right to abortion. Illegal-immigrant minors in the U. Chutkan, who was appointed by President Obama, said during a hearing she was "astounded" that the administration was trying to hinder the girl, identified in court papers only as "J.

Everybody who steps across the border inherits the protection of the U. I don't think so. Moreover, what part of the Constitution legalizes abortion, makes it a right, and bestows that right on everybody who sneaks across the border? Why is rebuilding after storms the federal government's responsibility?

The hurricane devastation is severe. What should the federal government do? Give us lots of money, say many in the wounded states. But more will come. Few Americans will object. But let's take a breath. Why is rebuilding the federal government's responsibility? I don't agree with liberals often, because I'm not an idiot and because I love America, but when they once again say, "We must have a conversation about guns! There's nothing to talk about. This goes for all our rights that the left hates, like the rights to speak and write freely, to practice our religion as we see fit, and to not be railroaded by liberal authority without due process.

Federal law requires that DC's annual budget be approved by a majority or two-thirds vote of the DC Council and have affirmative appropriation passed by both Houses of Congress and presented to the president for signing. In , DC passed the Budget Autonomy Act of , which "purportedly grants the District authority to incur obligations and expend local tax and fee revenue without an appropriation passed by both Houses of Congress and presented to the President for signing.

The DC government acts as if it can violate federal law and ignore the U. Mueller Scorches the Earth. Robert Mueller's sprawling special-counsel investigation is playing hardball. It was not enough to get a search warrant to ransack the Virginia home of Paul Manafort, even as the former Trump campaign chairman was cooperating with congressional investigators. Mueller's [investigators] persuaded a judge to give them permission to pick the door lock.

That way, they could break into the premises in the wee hours, while Manafort and his wife were in bed sleeping. Mueller's probe more resembles an empire, with 17 prosecutors retained on the public dime. Dispensing with the plodding pace typical of many white-collar investigations, Mr. Mueller's team has used what some describe as shock-and-awe tactics to intimidate witnesses and potential targets of the inquiry. Mueller has obtained a flurry of subpoenas to compel witnesses to testify before a grand jury, lawyers and witnesses say, sometimes before his prosecutors have taken the customary first step of interviewing them.

One witness was called before the grand jury less than a month after his name surfaced in news accounts. The special counsel even took the unusual step of obtaining a subpoena for one of Mr. Manafort's former lawyers, claiming an exception to the rule that shields attorney-client discussions from scrutiny.

Filibuster is Senate invention to aid and abet senators. First of all, let's get it straight. There is no such thing as filibuster in the United States Constitution. The notion that this was an invention of the Founding Fathers is just wishful thinking by senators who want to give their shameless power grab the imprimatur of legitimacy. Actually, the Constitution provides that a simple majority in both the House and Senate is sufficient to do business. We know that was the plan because the authors of the Constitution spelled out only a handful of circumstances when a super-majority would be required such as ratifying treaties.

Government derives much of its moral authority to tax from its obligation to provide public safety, health and education. Yet as public-sector pension plans create ever-greater demands upon local and state financial resources, The Democrats' machine funnels so much tax revenue into the corrupt bargain the party made with unions that states and municipalities must rob local public services of funds in order to give their constituents outrageous salary increases, bonuses, benefits and what is called "other pay.

Even while revenues increase, the demand for public pensions and salaries has grown so fast that it has outrun the increases in tax revenue. And rather than stabilize pensions or go to K type plans, municipalities and states have chosen to violate the Constitution and cut back on essential government public services. It's become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they've foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives.

However, as the data shows, the majority of these cases involve psychologically diminished patsies who've been entirely groomed, armed, and entrapped by FBI agents.

Simply put, the FBI manufactures terror threats and then takes credit for stopping them. What is the technical moment when the Constitution failed? Maybe that goes as far back as Theodore Roosevelt when he decided that it would be a good idea to occupy huge swaths of the Western states. No Mass Casualty Incidents on U. Soil Since Trump Victory.

OSI activities include strategic influence, special plans, psychological operations psy-ops , and perception management. The DoD has identified the information domain as its new "asymmetric flank. The bill passed in Congress legalized covert infiltration of media organizations by government agents and created media outlets that operate as government fronts.

Michael Barone dubbed the Obama administration's casual attitude toward fundamental legal niceties "gangster government. Property rights are the bedrock of the American political system; without that foundation, there is no freedom. The Founders held that property rights encompass not just physical property but also one's life, labor and livelihood, as individuals own their own lives; therefore, they must own the products of that life that can be traded in free exchange with others.

They further believed that the primary role of government is to guarantee and protect these property rights, and further, that these property rights are natural, or God given rights.

Hey, remember two weeks ago when congressional bodies were hitting the ground, and some guy named Loudermilk rushed to a microphone and said congressvermin should pass a law giving them the privilege of going armed anywhere they wanted? Code of Federal Regulations: If those same pages were laid end-on-end, they would be over thirty miles long," he added.

That's not just a problem for printers, it's a problem for people trying to make a living in the United States. Robert Mueller Adopts Stalinist Tactics. Yes, Virginia, this is a witch hunt. Robert Mueller III was appointed special counsel after his friend, the vindictive James Comey, committed a federal crime by leaking a memo which was a government record to the press.

Mueller has picked staff and prosecutors as if he were stocking Hillary Clinton's Department of Justice. Time to investigate the investigators. The American people want justice to be blind. They want equal justice and equal protection for everyone.

Comey's actions continue to call his impartiality, and the impartiality of the Holder and Lynch Justice departments, into question. This is the type of unequal justice that Americans despise.

No special counsel in the IRS targeting investigation. No special counsel for the Clinton email investigation. But if it's about protecting Mr.

Comey's reputation and hurting President Trump, then of course there has to be a special counsel. A License to Mow Lawns? Occupational Licensure and Liberty.

Is occupational licensure not a contemporary cousin to the Stamp Act that sparked a revolution? Americans Learning to Live with Treason. President and allies openly engage in cover-up. A two-tier justice system; Hillary's above the law. Democrats cheat Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. These are just a few of the unacceptable transgressions by our corrupt leaders.

Each time, outraged conservatives demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice. Each time, the press gaslights the American people with a media blackout, acts as though the incident never happened. Each time, the cabal rides out the news cycle until the story fades, and everyone's home free.

Alabama man jailed for a decade without trial awaits decision from judge. Davis was arrested and charged for the murder of Pete Reaves in June at an apartment in Dothan, the Dothan Eagle reported. Davis' attorney Thomas Goggans argued his case should be dismissed because he was previously represented by a lawyer with a possible conflict of interest in the case. His previous attorney, Ben Meredith, had a son who was going to testify as a witness for the prosecution. Documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont describe such a program, which uses software to compare the DMV's database of names and driver's license photos with information with state and federal law enforcement.

The superiors who ignored his reporting of a war crime are not punished. The rule of law should apply to everyone equally. This is why America is heading into fascism. It was direct access to spices that the first expeditions sought.

Many South Koreans who are depressed orunder heavy stress are reluctant to bring up issues like mentalillness or an inability to cope, he said. However, despite deep divisions between those who supported and those who opposed overthrown President Mohamed Mursi, they are united by their suspicion of Washington's motives. Rodriguez knows that the Union, consistent with its history, will defend his rights vigorously. Is this a temporary or permanent position?

Think of a car that won't start if you've consumed too much alcohol or a light bulb that changes colors when it's time to go to bed. Army's military-industrial complex, is an opportunity for private contractors to unveil new, cutting-edge technology and for service members to network with others in defense circles.

Where's the nearest cash machine? Together TBIs cost tens of billions of dollars annually in medical expenses and indirect costs such as lost productivity.

Mayer said in a statement. The Florida Department of Public Health has declared that feral cats are not tenable on public health grounds because of the disease threat.

The American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians supports bans on feral cat colonies because of the risks they pose to wildlife and to human health. What are you doing here? Obama I suggest you just ignore Snowden and forget he even exists, he is not worht the press or attention he been getting. I know you want to get them all, terrorists and traitors, but sometimes it better to just give it up. A dog face Small Man!!!

Are you a student? When ordering their handset, new owners will be able to choose front and back case colours and order their names or a short message engraved into the body of the phone, via an online service called Moto Maker. I just eat less of these favorite foods if I'm watching my weight," she says. I'd like to take the job http: Maybe some trees need their canopies raised; you could remove the lower limbs now with a mini handsaw and they may well be of manageable and usable size.

Old pallets, old hazel, willow or trellis panels are all highly salvageable — I even saw a converted dog kennel once that had been transformed into an amazing tree house. I've been made redundant http: The Italian fashion house, headed up by Gianni's sister Donatella, was seen tweeting: We used to work together http: Democrats who control the Senate say they won't go along with the health care delay, and President Obama says he would veto the House measure if it reached his desk.

This means the House and Senate seem likely to remain deadlocked for the indefinite future and a shutdown is likely to occur starting Tuesday.

Legal protection of species and sites emerged as one of the main reasons behind this recovery, while active reintroductions and re-stockings have also been important factors. He and AJ play together, he said, especially when she needs help with the harder levels. My intentions was not to kill nobody, not to try and kill nobody. My intention was to get money, to get high. It follows the historical faultlines of where the mostly Islamicised north of the continent meets the predominantly Christian and non-Muslim south below the Sahara.

And the Government should speed up the process of introducing new laws to tackle aggressive bailiffs. A difficult and remote person who nonetheless had surprisingly strong attachments and afiliations.

I loved this book. It was truly something that I never imagined would happen. And I wanted that part, the part about feeling wonderful, not to come to an end. Which meant that part of me didn't want to go and actually do it," he said, laughing. Prices in Hartford, Conn. Baltimore and Philadelphia will also see their prices jump. The 'View' co-host showed off her two-carat ring on Monday's show, given to her by television writer Lamar Sally the day after Christmas. I know plenty of middle class parents that take a laid back approach to bed time.

Personally my young son has always thrived off a regular early bedtime and the occasional late night means we all pay for it the next day! Both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have left the White House secretly on occasion, wearing sunglasses, baseball caps or scarves and casual clothing, to take a walk, go shopping or dine at a restaurant. In October , Obama was photographed wearing sunglasses and a cap as she shopped at Target in the Washington suburbs. It was translated into several languages, including Japanese, and it was in Japan where the book caused the biggest stir of all.

As Yardley revealed, in and the United States had used the work of the Black Chamber to extract favorable terms in the Limitation of Armament Conference, constraining the Japanese navy's allowable tonnage compared to more advantageous weights allowed for the U. In fact — the prerogatives of the corporation trump many issues of civil rights and can make it harder to exercise those civil rights.

I am not talking about personal experience. The aircraft used for thetests will eventually be delivered to Air New Zealand in mid, Boeing said. What university do you go to? So it's very brief," Spencer tells Shots.

It was a busy year and a terribly volatile one, too. Which of these stories will actually matter five years from now? By my count, three:. The two largest high-yield bond ETFs have lost about6 percent since reaching a five-year high May 8. The cabin started filling up with smoke. A black billow of smoke came rushing towards us before we were just about to get off the plane.

Devprayag, a normally bustling town further downhill, was almost completely deserted. We met a few local shopkeepers, who told us how they had stockpiled food, water and other necessities, and kept their shops open past midnight to help people fleeing upper regions.

They were aided by pharmacists making daily trips from Rishikesh and bringing much-needed medicines. That would have helped them avoid submitting a statement with lots of grammatical mistakes or that used phrases that only speakers from their native country would understand. The couple has been engaged since and welcomed a baby boy, Max, to the world in February What's the big deal?

Mizruchi insists on framing the changed relationship between U. They also recommend that Congress take into account those reports when appropriating funds for federal agencies that administer foreign aid programs. It was the fifth time this season the Mets have played at least 13 innings and the second game in the last five days that went at least 15 frames.

Speculation that the Hollywood power couple recently became engaged sparked when a photo of Jolie surfaced, showing the actress wearing a sizeable sparkler on the ring finger on her left hand. A rep for jeweler Robert Procop, who has previously designed red carpet pieces for Jolie, confirmed the happy news to The Hollywood Reporter. That one still makes me laugh. Which team do you support? Fearing a violent reaction by Morsi's Islamist supporters, troops and armored vehicles deployed in the streets of Cairo and elsewhere, surrounding Islamist rallies.

Fighting off renewed lawsuits and attacks against snack cakes, large-size sodas and full-fat pizza guarantees that food companies will turn to lawyers and lobbyists. A long war will follow; both sides will dig in their heels; and as the cigarette wars remind us, the problem will claim more victims as the warring factions duke it out.

The magma stuck to the walls of the conduit the pipe that lets the magma reach the peak of the volcano until there was enough pressure to move it up again. This sticking and slipping occurs many times with a higher amount of pressure giving rise to smaller quakes that occur so fast that they blend together "into a continuous harmonic tremor'. Further, we do not discuss the assertions made by members of Congress," said Lieutenant Colonel Samuel House, a spokesman for the prison camp.

If he had a compromised immune system, why had he never had a single infection, not even a case of the sniffles? Have you got any qualifications? It pays more for gas than any other EU state, according to the Commission. Jennings implied that Rodgers had become bigger than the team. Whereabouts in are you from? Theseshifts suggest both funds were able to book some gains by selling into Fed buying, but withouthaving made any bets far in excess of the Barclays benchmark.

We don't call it any of this terminology that's bantered about. GetCovered," a user with the handle EricMerlau tweeted onTuesday. Which university are you at?

Those bills are for services already performed and entitlement benefits already approved by Congress. In other words, it's a license to pay the bills the country incurs as a result of past decisions made by lawmakers from both parties over the years. The SPV will be the issuer of the sukuk. It also acts as the trustee on behalf of the sukukholders via a declaration of trust, whereby the SPV will use the sukuk proceeds to purchase eligible assets from MEXIM.

MEXIM, as an agent, will render certain services, including the management of the underlying assets and periodic distributions. He cut it off. He was so paranoid his wife would find out. He stopped talking to her when the court papers were filed. Two comets that will pass Mars next year have prompted excitement as well as some concern that some cometary particles could hit the Mars spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet and exploring its surface.

These concerns can lead to trips to the doctor, unnecessary medical tests and more Googling, which continues the cycle. The website developers, engineers and the the team that w3as responsible for the implementation belong to the LOw end uSER group. They knew in advance many years to plan and prepare for the web traffic. At a minimum, they knew the Government was preparing to cater for excess of 20 million people.

So you can plan to cater for a very high average number of concurrent connections. Use a web farm that can handle the traffic.

Poor planning and implementation. The source declined to reveal the size of the stake under discussion. It looks like these sports stars know how to score both on and off the field. Not only do athletes have fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans and countless endorsement deals, they also have Who will run the wastewater treatment plant? Who will run the drinking water filter plant? Who will do the work to make the machine of society function? Where are you calling from?

However, the venue, known as "The Rock," has struggled to generate enough revenue, particularly since the departure of the NBA's Nets to nearby Brooklyn. Blue Rhino executives told ABC News that all scheduled employees have been accounted for and are alive.

The suit will also cite the high-speed chase through the densely populated neighborhood as cops tried to catch driver Franklin Reyes. Treasuries prices extendedlosses after the Institute for Supply Management's factoryreport.

Where do you come from? I remember looking at the view count last Thursday, and it was at 48 views--mostly from me. Then on Friday it started to blow up. By the weekend it was into the millions of views, and by Monday it was at nine million views and all over the media--crazy! Ash is a major component of the swamp hardwood forest, which makes up about 23, acres forests in the county. They are not where they need to be with the Hispanic population.

Their leading candidate for four years from now, Rubio, this is his signature issue. They need to give Rubio a win and they need to give themselves a win with the chances of getting back pieces of that Hispanic population.

His defense attorney, David Coombs, later called Manning a "resilient young man" who comforted the weeping members of his defense team after the sentencing. Insert your card http: I went to http: Thebank's comments made some investors hopeful that rivals with bigtrading arms will also post strong second-quarter results. I've got a full-time job http: I'm doing a phd in chemistry http: That can be particularly acute as one spouseor the other transitions from full-time work. Discuss, berealistic and compromise, he says.

I'm interested in this position http: In July, the company revised thatoutlook and said it expected sales to be down 10 percent thisyear, in part because of softer-than-expected demand fromindustrial customers. Leaf lettuce like romaine and spinach, often the subject of recalls, are harder to clean because of their stalky nature.

We've got a joint account http: This is a game we love to play. I'd like to pay this cheque in, please http: Could you tell me the dialing code for? I came here to work http: It is expected to revisit a listing or sale inthe future, banking sources added. He later recalled how he once forgot to remove them while driving through a Jewish area and was stoned and shot at. He certainly has a lot to prove from last year's final at the US Open.

He plays well down here. She goes with a warning from her musician mother Mila, who says: Spiny lobsters and darting bonito fish can even be seen right at the dock, something almost unheard of in severely overfished Jamaica. Give a cheeky flash of flesh like Jennifer and team yours with a high waist pencil skirt or pair of acid wash high waist jeans for extreme vintage revival vibes.

The tiny, highlysecured devices are located in phones and allow operators toidentify and authenticate subscribers as they use networks. The tough measures on welfare could put a strain on any future coalition negotiations with the Liberal Democrats in the event of a hung Parliament.

In Brussels, officials said they were ready to continue negotiations with Ukraine in the coming months. They are beginning to ask searching questions about the quality of independent study, the role of published research and the effective use of the time potentially available to undergraduates. We have seen lots of people speaking about a player that is not theirs and we are due some respect. My first year doing it was because I lost a bet.

Or, to get the look in cerise, our alternatives range from an Issa dress with a similar nipped-in waist and woven texture, to a bargain fit and flare dress at Boohoo in a slightly paler rose hue.

Department of Justice, six state attorneys general and the District of Columbia challenged the proposed merger on Tuesday saying the creation of the world's largest airline that would result would stifle competition, drive up airfares and reduce services.

I think it'll be business as usual. I'm sure there will be more media there obviously tomorrow but I think that's more for Alex to deal with than the rest of the guys. I don't think it'll be a big deal. Schettino has denied the charges and insisted that the rock was not in nautical maps.

I'm a member of a gym http: I saw your advert in the paper http: The hypothesis, which looks into how multiple signals generated by males impact female behavior, is a novel area of curiosity in animal behavior research. I'd like some euros http: With the Australian wrong-footed, Westmoreland seized his opportunity and dived up the inside of the Suzuki at the Melbourne hairpin.

Max Scherzer puts his record on the line against New York ace Matt Harvey in a nationally televised game. Later it's revealed he'd fractured his right fibula and will be out for the season. The injury could even be career-threatening. We need someone with experience http: I don't think it was something that he would commit suicide over there.

There is something wrong with this, really wrong. I love this site http: I live in London http: Looking for work http: Navy and Marine Corp officials said the two ships, part of a three-ship amphibious readiness group, had been in the region since May, patrolling the Red Sea, Horn of Africa, the Gulf and the Arabian Sea, and that there were no new orders to prepare for a possible conflict in Egypt.

If coach wants me to be a sixth man I'll be a sixth man. If he wants me to start I'll start. That's up to him. TheNasdaq Composite Index was up 6. I peeked my head around and saw my brother and his wife and sister-in-law and freaked out.

And while Asiana might have a strong case in South Korea, it is far from certain to prevail in American court, a fact that reflects a cultural gulf between the two nations. Why are you here? Just like millions of Brits — the grafters, who get up early — all they want is a system that rewards hard work and a government that provides a leg up, rather than a hand-out.

They are all expensive and heavily subsidized by taxpayers and New York ratepayers. The building was searched and no suspect was found, police said.

Maybe fans living in Washington do. Maybe Pac fans have seen glimpses of his potential. But a starting quarterback on a bad team that was rarely in the national spotlight -- and only was when the team was getting its face kicked in -- comes with a bit of mystery.

Add in stats that don't exactly jump off the page and it's a recipe for NFL fans wondering why in the world this kid is starting. And so I think themarket will always be skittish in the situation," DeMuth said. Rangeley Capital owns less than 5 percent in Cooper, he said. Caballero's packaging featured puffy white clouds and grazing cows, and the slogan "Porno's Finest.

Who would I report to? Smoltz, the National League Cy Young Award winner, built full-scale basketball and tennis courts as well as a regulation-sized football field. There is also a custom-made hole golf course, jogging trail, swimming pool with a waterslide, and a privately-stocked fishing pond. Many fast-food offerings are high in calories, artery-clogging saturated fat and sodium.

In , the U. Food and Drug Administration unveiled guidelines for a mandatory menu calorie count to be implemented in March for all chain restaurants with 20 or more locations. Once these numbers were reported, there was no doubt that most choices at fast-food joints were just unhealthy ones. The demand for healthy fast food has led to changes throughout the fast-food industry.

Here are some of those changes:. How do you spell that? George Clooney's beautiful girlfriend donned a red jumper with a black belt, but exposed her pink underwear with her embarrassing wardrobe mishap. Lost credit card http: Have you got any? Semmens saidTransCanada has been in discussion with a number of customersabout possible connections to the Gulf Coast pipeline, butdeclined to give specifics. He replaced an artist favorite, Jeremy Strick, and immediately clashed with longtime chief museum curator Paul Schimmel.

Most of them are funny, some are thoughtful or sad and some are scary. These are qualities that I really enjoy in children's books. Also, these books have some great, wonderful and amazing pictures. I highly recommend them all.

When we can monitor him on a day-to-day basis we can make that judgment. Having not played a game since May, it will take a bit of time to get into a match-fitness situation. It's up to us to alleviate that as quickly as possible. Why are you standing by and watching our daughter Veronica be held against our will? Why have you been so slow to recover a child who is being illegally held against the wishes of her parents and the courts?

We ask, what are you waiting for? With an adorable picture of her new bundle of joy, O' Donnell announced to her , followers that she and wife Michelle Rounds have a new addition to their family, a baby girl. I work here http: Mr Javid, who attended a comprehensive school before going on to become Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank at the age of 25, became financial secretary to the Treasury, replacing Greg Clark, who moved to the Cabinet Office as cities and constitution minister.

News request for comment. The conversation will likely end with the festival. None of the auditoriums were full. Lukaku batters a free kick through the wall. He was aiming to the right, but the ball takes a huge deflection left.

Mignolet adjusts and saves brilliantly, but Mirallas gets to the loose ball first and, after a fashion, pulls back into the centre, where Lukaku can't miss with a strong sidefoot from ten yards.

No more than Everton deserve, though they needed a stroke of luck to break through. It was so dense that if you dropped a spoonful on the kitchen floor it would behave like a spoonful of dark matter, crashing through the Earth's surface to the core of the planet. But there were rewards, too, which is why I've never tried cooking it for my own children.

Their expectations are different. They might expect nutmeg. A joyful "We did it! The currency has dropped as much as 9 percent against the dollar over the past few months due to capital outflows. On Tuesday, he did not bother pretending the Game 5 start would be just like any other. He spent time in Washington this week meeting with party leaders. The value of Getty'sbonds plunged, falling as low as 75 cents on the dollar thismonth, according to Thomson Reuters data, and leaving investorswho bought the debt issue facing big losses.

He threw six innings of two-hit ball as the Pirates beat the Cardinals, , at Busch Stadium. After a short time the teenagers scatter, heading off to different parts of the city, where they approach passers-by, pointing at their ears as they ask for money.

These cookies store no personally identifiable information. Comets are leftover material from the creation of the solar system 4. They are irregularly shaped objects, estimated to range in size from several hundred feet to 25 miles and over, composed of ice, small rocks, dust, various gases, and organic compounds. The baby male dolphin, which does not have a name, was born on Memorial Day.

But don't let Apple's thin Helvetica Neue and and serene, dynamic wallpapers lull you into complacency. A whole number iOS upgrade is a big deal and it resets a bunch of your settings and adds other new ones that you should be aware of. But the NFL is such a next-man-up kind of thing and so when my number was called I just knew that I had to go out there and do the job. I'm thankful that our coaches prepare us for any situation, so I felt comfortable going in there and trying to do the thing.

Ontario has been ground zero of the retailbattle after U. In November, he had cartilage damage repaired on his left knee, later admitting it was "setback" cause by recreational bowling. In December, suffered another setback with bones bruises on both knees. After the All-Star break, the center began participating in 5-on-5 drills before shutting down for the season and underwent season-ending arthroscopic surgery on both his knees.

Mortgage Banking includes mortgage origination and servicing activities, as well as portfolios comprised of residential mortgages and home equity loans, including the purchased credit impaired PCI portfolio acquired in the Washington Mutual transaction. Mortgage origination channels consists of Retail, Wholesale, Correspondent and Correspondent negotiated transactions.

Retail includes Borrowers who buy or refinance a home through direct contact with a mortgage banker employed by the Firm using a branch office, the Internet or by phone. Wholesale refers to third-party mortgage brokers loan application packages to the Company.

The Company then underwrites and funds the loan. Correspondent includes Banks, thrifts, other mortgage banks and other financial institutions that sell closed loans to the Firm. Correspondent negotiated transactions include mid-to-large-sized mortgage lenders, banks and bank-owned mortgage companies sell servicing to the Firm on an as-originated basis excluding sales of bulk servicing transactions. Card issues credit cards to consumers and small businesses, provides payment services to corporate and public sector clients through its commercial card products, offers payment processing services to merchants, and provides auto and student loan services.

This week Newsweek spliced together the portraits of the Florida teenager Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, the man acquitted last weekend of his murder. Bloomberg's Businessweek depicted a hedge-fund manager with a graph coming from his groin that intentionally looked phallic. Kitty Rosati declined to discuss the business's finances further. This followed a decision to stop accepting more money into its long-short hedge fund towards the end of last year, the investors said.

The couple, who began dating in and split for six months in , recently broke up for the second time, according to People. DiCaprio, 36, and Refaeli, 25, managed to keep their relationship relatively private over the years, with never once appearing on the red carpet as a couple. And it's a reality of any administration that unexpected challenges can arise and shake up the White House's carefully laid plans. Their exchanges underscored what their music has in common, despite one star coming from street-level hip-hop and the other from sleek neo-soul.

The company reported that its reservation rate for the reported period had increased by 46 percent on the same period last year from 0. The number of cancellations declined to Barclays lost a court case against Devonshire Trust, anasset-backed commercial paper trust, two years ago and in Julythe Court of Appeal for Ontario dismissed its appeal.

Barclayssaid it was considering its options. But there was no difference between the groups when it came to later hospital admissions for heart problems. All-Star games were not on my mind. I'm at Liverpool University http: District Judge Shira Scheindlin declared Monday that at least , stops were made without reasonable suspicion and that the NYPD's practice is intentionally racially biased. The city plans to appeal. It's funny goodluck http: What humans perceive as reality may be no more than an illusion.

But in the end, maybe that doesn't matter. Having the wrong code means your employer or pension provider will deduct incorrect tax from your gross income. In some cases this may not be detected for some time, leading to future disputes.

Joseph Patterson, 27, was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery in the child's death. The actress was suffering from Bipolar II disorder - also known as manic depression - which her rep said was caused by the tension of watching her husband, Michael Douglas, fight cancer. Bipolar II - as opposed to Bipolar I - is marked by greater periods of depression and often leads to suicide.

Episodes can be triggered by major life changes. Zeta-Jones spent about five days in the facility, People magazine reported. These artificial crises have hampered the country's ability to deal with other challenges, she said, including "national security challenges as we transition out of Afghanistan.

We know our roads, bridges, airports and airways are in disrepair. We know there are major gaps in access to affordable, high-quality early education. And yet we struggle to get anything done that isn't attached to a pressing deadline. Estrada fanned six in a row during one stretch. The Reds hit only one ball out of the infield from the second through the sixth innings, Zack Cozart's routine flyout. Some of the responses are horror stories. More of them go like this one, posted recently: HMRC must be more assertive with these manufacturers.

So far it has not fined a single one of them. Transactions that were once under the table, like getting a passport, are now out in the open.

A few things we won't tolerate: Don't include URLs to Web sites. That wraps up today's conference call, which we hope all of you found to be informative. You may also listen to a replay on our website or by dialing in the U.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. And also, note on your calendars that we expect to report third quarter results on Tuesday, November 26, before the market opens.

In fact Rayman Legends is probably the best 2D game of the generation. I work for myself http: It will have an annual production capacityof 11 million tyres. The alpha dogs express nothing other than carnal temptation and their willingness to carry it out as soon as possible. Navalny was cuffed and taken away.

But when more than 10, supporters rushed to demand his release, their hero was suddenly let go pending an appeal. The reversal reeked of amateurism. All cigarettes in the nation must be soldin uniform packs with the brand name relegated to the bottomquarter of the package on a brown background.

The S-class has always been surprisingly accomplished at the bendy stuff and so it proves with the new model. I study here http: Sorry, I'm busy at the moment http: The Senate on Tuesday planned to recess until 9: It also approved energy-tolling forGermany-based Deutsche Bank in January William Petit managed to escape and survive despite being beaten with a baseball bat and tied to a pole in the home's basement. The declines were steep enough to serve as an acutereminder that nothing, and I do mean nothing, in the financialworld is without risk.

Yahoo, which owns24 percent of Alibaba, stands to reap huge windfalls from an IPOas Alibaba's market valuation would add billions of dollars tothe two companies' assets. Yahoo is also keen to sell part ofits stake. The floors are Brazilian wood, because apparently there aren't trees good enough in Oregon for the Oregon football team. The locker room has a ventilation system guaranteed to remove all sweat odors within an hour, and the weight room is a 25, square foot monument to muscle magnificence.

Nike chairman Phil Knight spared no expense in building the new place for the Ducks, even putting a barbershop inside. Couple that with the uniforms that seem to change every game and fans might even forget that Oregon has never won a national championship in the sport. Make sure you know the role and the company inside out. If you know someone in the industry, take the chance to grill them for information — the more knowledge you have of the sector, the more confident you will feel answering questions.

Nice to meet you http: Will I have to work on Saturdays? And she loves all the songs. She plays a song and she goes, 'More, Daddy, more If no one bought the "Magna Carta" album , the fact that she loves it so much, it gives me the greatest joy.

We need someone with qualifications http: Summers would also bring a carousel of baggage likely to be reopened during Senate confirmation hearings. Many liberals are still furious about his role in the Clinton administration's financial-deregulation policies. In , he resigned as president of Harvard University, where he is now a professor, after a string of controversies, including comments he made suggesting that innate differences between men and women may explain why fewer women excel in science and engineering careers.