Why New York Consumers Should Always Get Validation Letters from Debt Collectors

Thanks for using Apache and CentOS! How do we do it? My credit report shows all sorts of crazy amounts of loans from many different lenders and all say they cashed out on insurance. Even worse, a lot of New Yorkers end up paying these bogus debts just to make the debt collectors go away. Have you gone back to the department that reviewed your work and asked for their help in moving forward in a cooperative fashion?

Finally, Some Clear Guidance on Validating Debts

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I couldn't find a letter tailored to the collection of payday loans by a third mp3sakura.tk://mp3sakura.tk I have 2 old payday loans, 1 with United Cash and 1 with Preferred Cash old from '04 that are showing on my CRAs being collected by Certified Recovery in mp3sakura.tk://mp3sakura.tk Before you pay a debt collector -- for a payday loan or anything else -- be sure to request debt validation. Here's mp3sakura.tk://mp3sakura.tk

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Debt Validation Basics

The private student loans may be dischargeable in bankruptcy. But one often overlooked and critical component of the education process is many take out loans but they never get the benefit of the loans unless they graduate. Have you gone back to the department that reviewed your work and asked for their help in moving forward in a cooperative fashion? Steve, I know this is an old post but hopefully still rings true. However, before I got a half decent job, I defaulted on my key bank loans and they would not work with me.

Can you explain the statute of limitations further for me? When does the time start? How long is it? Is there any way I can figure this out so I know when I can try and get out of the debt due to the statute? I requested debt validation from a collector who is collecting on my student loans. My credit report shows all sorts of crazy amounts of loans from many different lenders and all say they cashed out on insurance.

I asked for validation to include promissory notes, chain of account ownership and balance with each transfer, statements to show interest charged and payments applied and they sent only the promissory notes. I sent another request for the statements and payment details and they refused stating the only account details they legally have to provide is what i have already- original creditor- Colorado college assist not true.. I would like to validate my student loan debt.

My loans have changed hands, I signed my promissory note with Stillwater national bank but now they are being serviced by Sallie Mae. Are my chances any better sending the letter myself vs. If I should get an attorney what type should I look for? Look for an experienced attorney who knows this subject well.

One place to look is http: After paying off a 45k home equity loan…I was denied credit. I saw a year later on my credit reports, that the lender never updated my loan to paid status. Since , I learned to check my credit reports every 3 months online. I also keep printed copy every 6 months in a file cabinet. Since I have copies of credit reports going back 11 years, I can prove debt collector just posted this on there, maliciously. Disputed debt twice, came back verified.

Experian even told me they dont question what is sent to them as long as the address matches with mine. How can I get this removed? After requesting Validation of a debt from a debt collector, they sent me a copy of a note with my name on it, but no signature. However, the original debt collector is continuing to report negatively on my credit report.

What should I do? In this article the whole process of debt validation is described perfectly. I live in Georgia. I obtained a student loan for helicopter school which filed bankruptcy and was actually a ponzi scheme.

There were students nationwide. Given that this was a ponzi scheme and, I as well as others, never received any certifications, we are fighting paying this. Student loans are not dismissable in bankruptcy, and we are stuck paying it.

However, since the settlement with SLX, they have sold the loan to another company. Since the sale of the loan to the new company, all information about this loan has been removed from my credit report all 3 credit reporting agencies included. This was previoulsy on my credit reports.

Can I send validation letters to new owner of loan IF I can find out who the company actually is? Do I need to request the transfer of ownership documents as well as my original signed contract, statements, and payment history? Requesting them to validate as much detail as possible and produce original documents is a good approach. Private student loans past the statute of limitations are dischargeable in bankruptcy. Might be worth talking to a local bankruptcy attorney about your specific situation.

I actually called the creditor after I saw this on my report and they said they had no information on the account and suggested I dispute it with credit bureaus which i did. Just got a notice from bureaus that is was verified. Find an attorney that is licensed in your state with experience in Fair Credit Reporting Act issues.

I had a car loan some time ago and paid it off. I asked at the time if they would send me an accounting of the charge. When I received it I matched all payments with their charges. They could not tell me what it was for. The problem was I had to pay it in order to get the title to my car, so I did. I just noticed on my credit report they are saying I made the payment late and worse is, they show the account was charged off. I mean it was the next month after I made my last payment even by their records.

Can I make them prove they actually charged this off or what should I do? Start with writing a letter to the credit bureaus that are reporting that information and disputing it as untrue. As to update, I did get a call from Allied Interstate on an old paid off credit card debt. I told them who and when was handling. I asked to validate the debt. Cortrust bank orig debtor.

Then I receivd from the sister company called Resurgent Capital services. LVNV funding had taken over Arrow financial services and sveral other debt collection compnay. Good thing I kept all my old files that I had paid off thru settlemnt offers. My debt was settled and closed with satisfaction from the Northland group. Northland helped me to get the final release letter within 10 days. There r many new LLC debt buying company looking to make a buck.

It can b agonizing. Keep your paid off accts files for another 7 yrs, just in case. I agree, paid off settlement documentation should be kept forever with your other important papers. Debt Validation Finally Defined. By Steve Rhode on April 30, Last step, fill out the information below or call us for Priority Assistance.

What may we help you with? How much do you owe? If a collection agency is successful at collecting the money on the account, they usually keep a percentage of what is collected as payment for services.

Original creditors sometimes sell debts in large portfolios to collection agencies called junk debt buyers. These companies do not spend much money at all for these debts, sometimes paying less than 1 cent on the dollar. Even if the debt is not a large debt, they often hire an attorney to send out mass form letters to debtors in the hopes of collecting.

As you can imagine, even if they only get a small percentage of the debtors to pay, profits are enormous. Why should you care if a debt is purchased or assigned? In an assignment , the collection agency does not own the debt, and therefore you do not technically owe them any money. There is no way for a collection agency to prove that you owe them money because there is only an assignment of the debt and not a contract between you and the creditor.

Simply disputing and requesting validation is enough to show that you are aware of your rights. In addition, it's not your responsibility to inform a debt collector of the debt collector's responsibilities. If the debt collector is unaware of his responsibilities, it's his problem. As with any legal efforts, it may be best to contact a competent consumer attorney. We are not attorneys. The best advice we can give is this: Kristy Welsh Last Updated: Need Credit Repair Help?

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