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Rather, they are intended to solve urgent but temporary cash-flow needs. Our BC-Loans customers are talking about us! Where Every Day is Payday! Access your payday loan in as little as 1 hour from approval. In such cases, the file associated with that loan will be sent to a third party collection agency. Why do consumers choose to get loans from Cash One?

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Payday Loans in British Columbia. We have been operating in the loan industry in BC since , so you know you can rely on us. When you are flat out of cash, just what exactly can you do? Try writing a cheque dated for after payroll; You can get some dough from a charge card;  · Payday Loans Vancouver Payday Loans in Vancouver, BC A payday loan in Vancouver is basically what it sounds like, a short term loan to get a little extra cash before your next /vancouver/payday-loans-vancouver. Get a $ installment loan from

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That's why there's GoDay. Simply choose the amount you want to borrow by using the slider below. Find out if you meet our criteria in under 5 minutes. You choose how much you want to borrow and sign your loan documents online. Access your payday loan in as little as 1 hour from approval. We make it easy. More reasons to love us Modern security. Rest assured that GoDay's online payday loan application process uses top level encryption to ensure your personal information is safe and never used without your authorization.

You'll never have to walk into a retail store for a payday loan again. Our average short term loan application takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Even better, our automated system can deliver a decision on your payday loan application in seconds!

What you see is what you pay. All payday loan pricing is displayed clearly on our homepage and on your loan agreement. Every one of our team members is available to help along the way. No question or concern is too large. We're responsible, professional, and we genuinely care about our customers.

Plus, we use the industry's fastest tools to get you your payday loan fast! What do you need to get an online payday loan? What happens if you don't repay? We've got answers to all of your questions. We want you to enjoy a sound and happy financial future. That's why we've compiled these valuable resources. Get Educated on Payday Loans. How are we doing? The more we know about your GoDay experience, the better we can serve you. Please take a minute to share your thoughts. At GoDay we're a licensed online payday lender, a proud member of our community, and we care about our customers.

Try our service and let us show you why thousands of Canadians turn to GoDay when they need a payday loan. We proudly serve locations across Canada including: What service does GoDay provide? GoDay provides Canadians with online payday loans. Our payday loans are not intended to provide a long-term financial solution. Rather, they are intended to solve urgent but temporary cash-flow needs.

How do I apply for a GoDay payday loan? The process is quick and easy; we are committed to offering one of the fastest, payday loan services in Canada. Within seconds of submitting your application, we will let you know if you have been pre-approved.

Should we need any additional information from you, we'll be in touch promptly by phone or email. If approved, we will use the industry's fastest tools to transfer your online payday loan as soon as possible. There are no other fees or charges on our loans.

Your bank or financial institution may also charge you an NSF non sufficient funds fee. So as to avoid the overdue fee and overdue interest, please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account on your loan payment due date.

In the event that you do not repay us on a loan, you will not be permitted to borrow from us again until such time as you have repaid your outstanding delinquent loan. In addition, your file, including all delinquency information regarding your delinquent loan, will be sent to a third party collection agency.

We only use reputable collection agencies that comply with all prevailing best and lawful collections practices. Any customer who does not repay his or her loan in full by the loan's due date will be considered delinquent and the loan will be classified as non-payed.

In such cases, the customer's file will be sent to a third party collection agency and customer will have this default reported to a credit agency. The customer's credit rating may be negatively impacted.

We do not renew or roll over loans. If you wish another loan from us, you must first repay any other existing loan you may have with us.