Jury convicts teacher who had sex with her 14-year-old student

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Langford allegedly told the minor to hide under a table and left with the principal. She later came back and allegedly told the boy to 'stick to the story' that he was in the room stacking desks. Earlier in his testimony, the boy said he and Langford connected on Snapchat.

When the teacher asked him why he reached out to her on the app, he said he replied that he wanted to have sex. The nowyear-old boy explained that he initially lied about his relationship with Langford for fear that his teenage girlfriend would break up with him for cheating on her.

The victim testified that he and Langford began kissing inside a locked classroom at Miamisburg Middle School pictured and things 'escalated from there'.

Langford had taught math at Miamisburg Middle School for nine years. She is a married mother-of-one from Centerville, Ohio. The jury was handed the case on Thursday after a full day of testimony followed by closing arguments.

They deliberated for 90 minutes before the presiding judge sent them home after giving them strict instruction not to discuss the case with anyone or seek outside information about the case from media reports.

Deliberations resumed at 9. Langford, a married mother-of-one from Centerville, had taught math at Miamisburg Middle School for nine years, until she resigned her position in late May after allegations of sexual misconduct had come to light.

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The presiding judge said she would remain free until her sentencing. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. Ex-Miamisburg teacher sought out 8th grader for sex. Share or comment on this article: Jury convicts teacher who had sex with her year-old student e-mail Most watched News videos Palestinian teenager stabs Israeli man to death at West Bank mall Out-of-control car mows into diners outside a Starbucks in Turkey Fearless year-old customer helps fight off armed robbers David Budd put on indefinite leave and has his arms confiscated Charlotte Teeling and Richard Bailey kiss inside a supermarket CCTV footage shows Charlotte Teeling dancing alone hours before she died Joe Biden says he regrets not speaking up against Trump Shocking moment woman is savaged by Staffordshire bull terrier Masked gang throw rider off bike and repeatedly stomp on his head Police cordoned Prezzo branch in Salisbury after 'couple fell ill' Buildings sway back and forth as typhoon Mangkhut sweeps through China Richard Bailey uses Teeling's card to get food after he killed her.

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