Checking your rate won't hurt your credit score. If you are a prior service Soldier, you are eligible for the SLRP as a stand-alone incentive, provided you meet the following requirements: A Soldier with more than one authorized break in service must be terminated without recoupment. The exceptional personal organization and management that is required of the U. There is not an account associated with the provided email, username, or loan number.

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Loans for National Guard The National Guard is activated to respond to natural disasters and threats to keep our nation safe. While serving in the National Guard is an exciting and fulfilling career, the possibility of danger is no secret. For the majority of national guard members with full time civilian jobs, a natural disaster or security emergency can find you deployed within your state or halfway across the world. Managing personal finances can become chaotic during these times. military payday loan alternatives When you’re in the military and need money immediately for car repairs, travel or other unexpected bills, your options are often limited. Time constraints, lower-than-average pay scales and a mobile lifestyle caused by deployments, training and frequent moves can make it hard to get a traditional loan.

Can I get a military loan as a National Guard or Reserve member?

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Unfortunately, service members of the National Guard and Reserves are not immediately eligible for military loans. Active duty military members are eligible for military mortgages if they have received an honorable discharge. After 90 days of continuous active duty service military members are eligible for a military loan. In contrast to this, members of the National Guard or Reserves must serve six years in order to be eligible for a mortgage guaranteed by the government.

Fortunately, other options are available for members of the National Guard and the Reserves. Mortgages from the HUD and FHA are similar to military loans in some respects since all three are guaranteed by the government. Under this strategy a borrower can obtain a home loan and then later turn it into a military home loan. Members of the National Guard or Reserve who are approaching their six year anniversary in the service should consider waiting in order to acquire eligibility for a military loan.

These mortgages offer a huge amount of benefits to their borrowers. Military loans offer good interest rates, lower down payments, and a large amount of assistance in the event of default.

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National Guard and Reserves Members of the National Guard and Reserves are eligible to apply if you get called up to active duty. All loan applications are confidential and subject to our credit policies.