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Minutes later Michael Grey called my house phone saying he was an investigator and that papers would be filed on Monday. The Business analysis will provide you with real insight into the current state of your business and a simple strategy to improve. Page 1 Reviews 1 - Vivian also very professionally let me know that they had my IP address from the computer I used which matched my actual address. Thanks to poeple like this and the banks the country in the shape it is. Go the FBI's website and fill out a complaint form, This is fraud and blackmail. I've never had TD Bank so that's not possible.

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PAYDAY LOANS in Pittsburgh, PA. See business rating, customer reviews, contact information and more. Global Group Holdings LLC has received 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 Customer Reviews and a Category: Payday Loans. The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) received a complaint from a consumer who reported they obtained an online payday loan from Global Group Holdings LLC. The consumer alleged that this company charged excessive loan fees and NSF fees. The email address associated with this company is . is Global Group Holdings, LLC and CMG Group LLC Illegal PDL's in Wisconsin? Add new comment; Global Group Holdings aka / Midland Marketing aka / 3-Midland Market Payday Loan Company aka / Midland Financial LLC .

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I said, "Well I haven't lived there for a while. He offered to e-mail them I said "No. I wanted certified mail. I said I would talk to my attorney. He said tell me his name and I will send him the paperwork. If he didn't have anything to send to me how could he send it to the attorney? So I ended up saying, "No thanks. I will just wait for court. Do not give them anything personal about you. Global Collection contact me in March on some default payday loans which I know I paid off.

I ask them today for validation and document that I owe these loans. I gave my credit card for payments I did some investigating. There's lot of complaints of them calling people. What I like to know is are they a real company. I don't even have an address for them. I did sign a contract stating all the payments I will be making. Please let me know if they are real company. Continued to Robo call my home, never left a message, once I answered and heard a prerecorded message stating that their client stated I was avoiding contact, threatening to sue and place liens on home and bank accounts if I did not settle my account now.

The recording did not state a name of who they were trying to contact nor the name of company calling or the client they represented. Hoping to at least stop the excessive calls I pressed one as instructed, after waiting on hold for over 20 mins I hung up and called the number back and received a message stating that they were Element Global Services a debt collector, sat on hold again for another 20 mins and hung up.

I don't owe anyone anything. I frequently receive debt collection calls for my ex brother in law and his wife, I assume because we have the same last name. This is ridiculous, how can I get them to stop calling?! Somehow Global litigations I'm sure is a collection agency called my ex step father's dad. I don't have my ex step father's number or his dad's number. Have not spoken to them in years. How'd they get a number I don't even have? This man is 98yrs old and house bound due to a stroke he had I called the number that my mom got from the ex in laws I asked him if he had any detail on this loan company that I did not know anything about.

He didn't have any details or documents or my signature or my authorization. Not even a phone of whoever he said I owe. I told him to stop calling any other number than mine.

I told him don't bother calling mine unless he had the proof and valid documentation of what he was saying I owe. He began talking over me but trying to assure me he wanted to help me. He threatened a court date due to fraud if I didn't pay.

I told him I'll go to court then. He said he had other calls and will call me back and hung up. Received another call threatening to start taking money from my bank account. She looked and saw my social security number was attached to someone with a similar name, but different address and birthdate.

Contacted the Security company, I have sent them a copy of driver's license so they can verify. Received a call claiming I owed for a security system from July 12, I never signed up for a security system. It's my sister's house and I have nothing to do with the security system. They were supposed to send me the information and I have till 5 pm tomorrow before they take legal action. Still waiting for information. She told me she would send it, "when she had time".

Just received a call on my cell phone from these people stating they were looking for my brother. I said, "I haven't seen him in a couple of months," that they would have same contact information for him that I do. Guy was extremely rude, told me they have no contact information for him that they are contacting the references he used. I said, "That makes no sense that you would be able to contact me but he didn't give you his information.

Spoke to a very ignorant women. When I said to her, "This makes no sense to me that you would be calling as a debt collector," she very quickly said they are not debt collectors. I asked what they were. She said, "Mediators," that he has a pending case with them. I said, "It doesn't make sense to me that you would have my number but no way to contact my brother. She hung up on me. Received a call on my cell phone, land line that is never given out.

My father received a phone call.. Said that they have 3 counts of fraud against me. Kept asking where they were located because they sound like they are overseas and they said they were located in Florida.

Could not get a name of the company, what it is for and Lakisha said it was with Prime loans - a pay day loan company from and the bank that they said I had I have not used since Got very threatening and very rude. Was going to serve me papers to be summoned to court. Keep asking where and could not give me the information. This is a scam and I will be contacting my local police department on this matter. Would not even tell how much I owe and said it was all in a letter.

I kept asking for the amount and all information and where they are located and they kept saying they have locations everywhere. The message is call back immediately or reports will be made to all credit reporting agencies. Yesterday's call he said I have a returned back check oh no I don't! I don't have any loans, no overdue accounts, nothing. The callback number, when dialed, changes to what appears to be an overseas number, The local number , goes to a voicemail that is not identified, that says you are caller number two, then caller number one and then says you have reached the general mailbox.

To what, I have no idea. I actually had to close my Chase acct due to this payday loan OPD Solutions debiting money from my acct that I did not authorize. This was 7 years ago and I explained to them that I never received this money, this is not my debt. Took refund check from me when I have no student school loan with them. In process of filing a 1,, Will be talking with an attorney on May 6 Name and ss and signature not on loan.

This is a fraudulent collection agency that needs to be shut down, and ran by Sallie Mae - a federal government agency. I called and asked if they are a debt collector. I again asked if she is a debt collector, she started talking over me. I then requested a validation of debt.

Each one refuses to answer whether or not they are a debt collector. I am filing complaints with BBB and local police. This company was calling me daily with a robo-call. Got sick of it. So last time I punched 2 for an operator. Then I yelled obscenities my husband did not know I knew. Told them to remove my number. I have not had a call from them since. Why aren't the scam operations shut down by law enforcement?? Received a Robo-call that said federal court action would be taken in 24 hrs if I didn't contact them in 24 hours.

I called, was greeted his "Hello", asked for company name, it was only after 3 times he told me "GPS fraud investigations". Asked for address, he replied "can I help you! I called back, only to have him be more rude and this time threatening!

He threatened me with being sued, wage garnishment, property seizure and imprisonment! I told him this was all dismissed in Federal Bankruptcy Court in , offered him attorney's name and number, and Federal Court Case number, his reply was "I'm not here to help you!

He fast talked that it was interest of the original credit card debt. I asked "so this isn't about a check written? I asked him for their licensing number, he said he didn't need one since he wasn't a collection agency which isn't true unless they are located in Alabama.

Informed him that it is illegal to try to collect on this debt, he got even more rude! The number they called from is I recommend that anyone dealing with these people file a complaint with your state. This company is a fraud!!! A friend of mine paid this company regarding a old DOT traffic ticket. Failed to know verify that this ticket had been paid. I called them back to get information on the account and the only thing they would tell me is that it was a company called "money and more"--one I have never heard of before.

He hung up on me twice when I asked for information pertaining to this so called pay day loan--so this was very disturbing to me.

I did some research on this company "money and more", and it turns out that there is indeed information about this company stealing consumers' information that were online looking at payday loans--that was another red flag for me also--I just need to know how to handle these "people" legally. I told her I would sent a check on the 19th of Dec, this yr. I told her this is harm.

She said it wasn't. I gave her the number that was given to me. So far no calls. I never got till this day Ok so my question is where's the letter?

I do owe the company they claim but she also wanted me to postdate a check for Dec 18th because she couldn't say if they would have the acct. It might get sent to another agency! I just got call from this company saying that if I don't pay the debt, they were going to take some serious action in court and I did have a debt on the same amount they were charging me.

So I decide to pay. What should I do??? Received call on my cellphone to call Global Collection. They claimed I took a pay-day loan and made monthly payment arrangement on debt that I didn't owe. They threatened that I would be take to court and that I would be better off paying them. I explained this wasn't my debt and they threatened to come to my work and garnish my paycheck and portrayed themselves as lawyers. What was scary is when they told me the last 4 digits of my social and checking account and employer from 4 years ago.

They threatened to take me to court in Tarrant county, Texas. As I continued to explain this was not my debt they said I should pay it anyway to avoid paying court costs.

I suspect this is a scam. I received calls from Global for several months stating that I owed money from a Cash Loan. First I spoke to a man who was basically laughing as he told me that I was in serious trouble and going to go to jail for fraud. I became scared and tried to reason with them but they told me, because my case was so old, that I would have to pay 1, I then called my debt consolidation company who I am having help me take the paid items off my credit report to gain a better credit score because I have paid off all my bad debt.

So to get a call like this was very upsetting. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. My husband first told me that someone had called him and said that I was being charged with Fraud because Id moved to 3 different counties in NC bouncing checks and getting payday loans. One of the counties I'd never even hear of.

About a week later, I get the call. I hung up on the first guy, he called my cell phone. Minutes later Michael Grey called my house phone saying he was an investigator and that papers would be filed on Monday. I told them to serve me the papers I Been recieveing the same call but by a lawyer, he's in minnesota I looked up the Bar and he's not authorized to practice in minnesota. I call seven time alway a differene person, if you are who you say you are you have my account take the money, in almost one and a half yrs and nothing.

I also tried to contact BMG I can't even get a phone to talk to someone the only think that they say is fill the loan application out, I don't want a loan I want know if I have a loan and pay it. Can't talk to anybody. The biggest scam I have hear of BMG is across the country and over sea's. Thanks to poeple like this and the banks the country in the shape it is. Ray Allan and a Mr. Has anyone heard of them? They have taken They even went as far as giving me a docket number. I just need to know if they are legit.

I can' find anything on them and they haven't sent me anything in the mail. They have done the same thing to call my job and harass me telling me that an officer of the court is coming to serve me at the job Im like ok then when i said I will wait for him he tells me to write this number and call and make a deal and they will save me the embarrassement!

I canceled my card they just gonna have to take me to court cause I wanna see where did I commit a fraud with a check when I dont own a checking account!!

I am getting the same complaints from a company called J. I also received a call from J. They said that 3 years ago I took a payday loan and did not repay and I had until 5pm it was 4pm when they called to pay or the result will be a warrant issued for my arrest.

This was my first contact with the agency, I asked that they send me documentation of the debt. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and have found several blogs online with people complaining that they had a similar situation as did I. I do not understand why this company is allowed to continue this type of behavior?

I see several Better Business complaints against this collection agency, and from what I read on the FTC they broke 2 laws when they called me This work related friend of mine received a telephone call from these people BMG Payloans etc. I made it clear that I never ever obtained a loan from these people and to add validity to my statement they lied to me and told me that the loan was obtained in the month of August I had started a new job in that same month so apparently there was a zero percent chance a loan agency would give me a loan after a starting a new job.

I asked lots of important questions to which the secretary refused to answer. I am literally getting irate and fed ip with these people calling my job, personal references, and relatives as well. I will also be taking serious legal action towards these people.

I am also reporting them to as many government agencies I can. I am through taking bs from these people it is only a matter of time that they will eventually be caught.

They are calling my landlord looking for me, saying Im going to jail today unless I agree to an out of couirt settlement for less then Trying to scare me kinto paying them, I told her come arrest me, Im waiting.

Glad to see this site. Looks like it is still going on. I'm guessing they pick an amount that people will just pay to avoid the headache of thinking they are going to court, etc.

I knew it didn't sound right. I'll wait on my certified letter or served papers. I also received a call today, but mine was from some Brian Davis from Westwood, told me that I am going to be served papers for defaulting on a payday loan. A loan I never recall taking out.

Said that I owe BMG for loan and legal fees but loan was originally for and would settle for Told them that I had filed bankruptcy back in 08 so they would not be able to take me to court. Brian then told me that there was a clause from BMG that I would not include this in a bankruptcy.

I said if that's the case then why doesn't any financial company put clauses in so all their money is guaranteed to be paid back. Offered my lawyers name and number but wouldn't take it, and said that it wouldn't help the situation and that a lawsuit was still going to be filed. Glad that I found this site and that I'm not the only one being harassed.

I have also been getting calls the past couple of days. I answered one call and a lady said she was a private locator and that she needed to meet up with me to give me some papers, I asked for what and she told me she didn't have that information but I could call a company and she gave me a number and a claim number.

When I called them I got some jerk that couldn't tell me anything and kept putting me on hold. He just said that I had a loan for a company and I owed He couldn't tell me the company I took the loan from or anything after putting me on hold 3 times he told me that the loan was through BMG a year ago and that I was going to be charged with fraud and something else.

I asked to speak to a manager and he couldn't tell me where the money was sent or if it was a check.