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I require the expiry of the contract, a copy of the affidavit and the receipt from your end directly to my mailing address and please do not press any charges against me Lets take a quick look at the letter. I also notified my payroll department of their scam, and, to not comply with any requests from Coastal Credit. Franklin Law Group Sent: Please continue reading below. During normal business hours, a representative will contact an applicant within an hour after the application is completed sometimes even within a few minutes to verify the information, and approval can be received at that time. Tired of getting threatened by dishonest people trying to steal from people.

What to consider when choosing a payday and title loan lender

The Fraudulent Advance Cash Express (ACE) Email Message

PAYDAY LOANS in Wilmington, DE. See business rating, customer reviews, contact information and more. Sonic Payday Market Street, Suite and understand that the nature of complaints › Home › Business Directory › Payday Loans. Sonic Payday Loans Complaint Review: Sonic Payday Loans Harassing phone calls several request in writing and verbally by employer to STOP CALLING place of employment failure to provide physical address and threats that Find more than 27, sonic payday loans complaints, sonic payday loans reviews, sonic payday loans scams, sonic payday loans lawsuits and sonic payday loans frauds reported. Click here and find all sonic payday loans Ripoff

A Sample of an "Ace Cash Express Lawsuit" Scam

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Features a fast application process. Customers can get access to cash advances via short term loans with an easy online application available at any time. Applications approved before 2: Loan products and max amounts vary by state. Choose your state to see whether payday or title loans or both are available. Over locations available nationwide with online applications accepted in some states.

Apply using a secure online process. Funds are typically available the next business day. Free financial education is also available on the website. Provides short term loans with flexible repayment terms and an easy online process. Individual applicant factors determine max loan amounts.

Customers approved before 2: Serves California residents with auto title loans with max amounts based on applicant and vehicle specifics.

Offers fast, easy online application process, and if approved customers may have funds within hours. Licensed credit provider supplies payday loans to Australian residents. Apply online and funds may be available the following business day by direct transfer.

Approved loan amounts vary by applicant. Serves customers in Ohio and Indiana at over locations. Check cashing and gold buying at some locations. Easy online and mobile process. Cash advances available in as little as one hour next business day for weekend transactions. Applications can be done online with approval within 24 hours and funds available within two business days.

Offers an easy paperless application process and quick loan decisions. If approved, funds may be available in as little as one hour. Applications approved by 6: Refers borrowers to providers for payday loans and lets you compare different options at a glance.

Loan amounts vary by state and applicant credit score. Can also connect customers with lenders for business loans and more. This company is no longer entering into new loan agreements.

It has partnered with Monterey Financial to service loans. Information in this guide is general in nature and is intended for informational purposes only; it is not legal, health, investment or tax advice.

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Home Finance Payday and Title Loans. Visit Website toll free number Not sure how to choose? Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. What to consider when choosing a payday and title loan lender Top.

Processing and document fees: Lenders often charge borrowers fees for the paperwork required to get the title or payday loan. Make sure to find out what late fees are and on what date your payment will be considered late. Some lenders only offer lien-free title loans. Roadside assistance program fees: Some lenders offer a roadside assistance program for people who have a title loan, and many companies require this program, charging a fee for it. Payday lenders charge a finance fee upfront, which you include on your post-dated check.

If you roll your loan over for an extended period, you will be charged this initial finance fee plus an additional finance fee. The fee will continue to grow until you finally pay off the full amount of the loan. Lenders are required to tell borrowers the exact APR being charged to the loan before the borrower agrees to the terms of the loan. Extra requirements All title loan borrowers must repay the amount of money they owe, pay interest, surrender their car title and pay fees.

This box also allows the lender to shut the car off if you fail to pay your monthly payment. This device can locate the vehicle and help the lender reclaim that collateral. Many borrowers are asked to surrender a copy of their car keys to the lender when they take out a title loan.

If you have a wireless key fob, they may hold one of those as collateral. There are, however, some standard requirements you must meet in order to qualify: And, I did report them to the FTC. Well, the next day, someone called me at work, and, I was ready for them. I told the man that it was against the law for him to call me at work, and, that they were being reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

Which, I reported them once again. I received only one more call and that was left on my answering machine with a 48 hour deadline to contact them or there would be serious consequences. I haven't received any further contact from them yet, but, fully expect they will try to take my paycheck. I'm going to call my payroll department once again, and, inform them that I did NOT sign this agreement, should they get a copy of it.

It sounds as though this company has a history of strong arming people who are in desperate situations, and, refusing to work with them. They need shut down, and, immediately before they can harm any other consumers. Sonic Payday - Coastline Credit ripoff and fraud Internet I took out a loan from Sonic Payday who told me that I could change payment terms if I reported it 3 days prior to the loan due date. When I contacted them via telephone, they were very rude and yelled and cursed at me and told me that this was not an option and like a broken record kept saying read your loan documents.

This is in the loan documents and its what they said. Then when I asked for a supervisor they stated they do not have one and hung up on me.

When I asked were they were located they said in Dublin Ireland. I finally got a Supervisor and this is what they said He was no help and so I stoped my payment untill this can be resolved. They have since tried to threaten me and I will not pay until they are dealt with in a class action lawsuit for false advertising. If you are unable to pay the full amount due at the time of your next paycheck, they WILL NOT work with you on any type of a payment plan.

They are totally heartless. They will harass you and threaten you at work and at home. They will even contact your relatives you listed on your application in order to get you to pay the full amount back. This company needs to be shut down permanently.

I then had to explain to them that I had filed bankruptcy in October and this dept was included in on my bankruptcy. My bankruptcy was discharged on January 20, I guess my question is When dealing with this company I was always given the run around when trying to contact them.

This last act from then was very much out of line and I would like to see some action taken against them. If anyone else has encountered a situation like this from this company please contact me so we can pull our cases together and show them that we WILL NOT be treated this way. Renea Charlotte, North CarolinaU. Sonic Payday, Coastline Credit. It took almost two weeks to complete the entire process despite their claims of 'rapid' or As soon as Tomorrow service as advertised on their website.

They also did not contact me either by phone or email that was supplied to them by myself to notify of the deposit in my account. I was not aware of this until I made a deposit of my own and recieved the balance. It became very clear to me after that Sonic payday land. They were contacted by us and they refused to supply any contact information they had with us and denied any wrong doing. They managed to steal a large sum of money from my account all the while claiming a service was provided.

If you not aware of a service provided how can you justify paying for it. Mr Trevor Lang wanted to know how I knew about Ms. Reid previous poster and I told him I had my sources.

I went on to ask why there were so many complaints telling him I hired an attorney who comes back to me with ripoff. I asked why I couldn't speak with Tiffany Stone the lady that was actually helping me the first time. She was going to allow a wire transfer but then changed their mind. This is getting no where. I suggest after paying the loan off, when you have some free time When the receptionist ask what this is pertaining to, ask for her name.

When she says why I'm going to harass them, just like they harassed me! Yesterday evening I received a phone call from Kevin of some collection company on behalf of The Law Offices of Sonic Trust a payday loan company. Kevin, which I doubt is his real name has a think Indian accent. Lets begin with the start of the conversation. First, Kevin has no last name, Secondly, lets all admit, most of us that have has the pleasure of receiving phone calls from these people have inquired about a payday loan at some point.

Next, my feeling is that they hacked a list from a company or this so called Sonic Trust is operating internationally and not afraid of US law. The conversation with Kevin was a bit nerving as he has my previous home address, previous banking info as well as my current employer. Kevin informed me that there is an affidavit pending against me and that I would be arrested, prosecuted for check and wire fraud.

Obviously, I am not a criminal and if in fact I did accept a payday loan from a company and did not pay back; this is not wire fraud, but simply non payment of a credit account. The penalty is usually a negative credit rating or civilly sued for the amount owed plus interest and lawyers fees. And before that even takes place the company has to make successful attempts and show proof that they have given you the opportunity to pay the debt or tried to reach you through other means.

Well as the master negotiator I am ; I decided to question Kevin right back and play his game. I informed Kevin that I was interested in settling this debt out of court. Kevin then put me on hold to see if his client Sonic Trust would speak to me. Kevin dictated word for word what the letter should state. I believe the reason they do this is so that you the cardholder when trying to dispute the charge would not have any legal recourse because you signed and agreed to a charge on the letter you faxed to them smart on their part.

This is what the letter was to say: I require the expiry of the contract, a copy of the affidavit and the receipt from your end directly to my mailing address and please do not press any charges against me Lets take a quick look at the letter.

First, it really makes no sense. Secondly, if they were in fact working on behalf of a law firm; wouldn't it make sense to have some sort of account number or file number reference??? Instead they make you write things like this case. Next, as a law office, wouldn't there be a mailing address, direct telephone number???

I mean c'mon if you are going to scam someone, at least have all your bases covered. OK, I continued to humor Kevin and agreed to all his terms, but now I had a few terms myself. So I asked Kevin, I will pay this debt right now on my credit card if you can supply the following info via fax or email right now. Well, Kevin said he is not at liberty to supply my demands. Therefore, I told Kevin I was not at liberty to fall into his scam.

Kevin said the authorities would be picking me up this morning to prosecute me; surprisingly, I am still here. I apologize for the long message, but I want the world to know what you may be hearing should you receive a phone call from this company. Demand information proving the debt.

Let them know you are recording the conversation and informing federal authorities. Question them back; you know you are not a criminal, therefore, do not fall for their scare tactics. I am sure this is a quick scam they are trying to pull as most of the complaints were within the last week. This company seems to have banking information; luckily they have my old closed bank account, I would recommend that if you receive a phone call from this company, to change your account number or alert your bank to put a freeze from anyone putting through an EFT electronic funds transfer.

I know this is inconvenient, but protect yourself from internet predators like this. Good luck to all! I had made a loan through them before, and they were paid timely. Due to unforeseen events, on the last loan, their draft was NSF. However, I called beforehand to make them aware that funds would not be available, but they drafted NSF, causing a ridiculous domino effect.

I even asked if I could pay half. I was told NO. I received a call from a Sonny representing Sonic. I was told that I had to pay the amount in a total of I asked for a Physical Address, where I could send the payment via certified mail.

I was told they only accepted Western Union. I sent an email requesting a physical address, so that I could pay the loan. I don't understand what the problem could be. Repeatly called me here at work for failure to pay via Western Union. I went on line to see if I could get an address for them where I could send payment to and this is what took place. Please wait for a site operator to respond.

Thank you for visiting Customer Care. How may I help you? Please hold while I review your file. If you think you might go NSF and will not be able to pay off your loan on your repayment date, you will need to call the Payment Services department.

They can be reached at and they are open from Monday - Saturday 9: Since your repayment date is for today, it does not show that we debited your account yet. It does take up to 2 to 3 business days for it to post.

Since you stated that you have not received your direct deposit from your employer you will have to contact someone in our payment services department so they can help you pay your loan.

You will have to contact someone in our payment services department.